[ My Deep SR Pet Conjurer - SR140 solo, Callagadra, Lokarr, Ravager (CR150-170 ~6:50)

Funny you mention that, I was looking at the toon yesterday, aether overcap is the only area it is lacking… (and the pets lost some phys resist / HP, tried to compensate with more armor from Heart of Mountain). I could use Bonds of Bys in the chest, maybe. Might play around with it a bit, it definitely feels wimpier than, but it still is strong in the overall picture.

Maybe something like this. I hate using potions, but a little pharma for aether and chaos resist might do the trick… dunno, I have my starting point. Trying SR115 now, think it’ll be doable. But, I’d say over all SR feels 10 levels harder than before. :frowning: Meaning, SR115 is a lot like SR125 was pre-patch, so the toon definitely took a step back, while still being strong overall. But… will keep working on it, till the next nerf. :smiley:

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I mean, you’re threading waters that I have never even seen (deeper I EVER got in SR was 85) so you probably know much better than me what actually matters at that point, but for what it’s worth, I’d do this with those augments :

Your aether resist would be sorta fixed, and in my experience, there aren’t that many enemies using big chaos damage attacks, so losing a bit of chaos overcap isn’t that bad. The extra health is also nice.

Speaking of augments, why the mark of illusion on your ring ? Wouldn’t a corpse dust be more useful ?
And the bloodied crystal ? your bleed overcap is like 200%. A runebound topaz would give you more DA, (health instead of armor) and a bit more shield damage blocked.

Like I said, I’ve never been that deep in SR, so there may be variables I’m not considering, so take these comments with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

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The build you posted ooks good, to be honest I think we’re very much in fine-tuning territory, there aren’t likely to be any giant leaps found here. But, I think yours looks pretty good, I lose a little DA, resists are better though, more balanced for sure.

Runebound, Mark of Illusion, Bloodied Crystal… any of them are probably ok there, I just went for armor / DA. Survivability is key, but I am not a melee player, so to be honest I have no idea what is best here… I just went with what seems to make sense in my mind, armor and DA, good stuff. :slight_smile: But any of them have some “good stuff.”

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thanks for sharing this awesome build, question about the main hand, would the black hand of sanar’siin be better? get extra temp 3 pets and with a higher % pet bonus? Also, I want to understand the reason to use Salazar’s Sovereign Blade, for one extra temp pet that is the only thing I can think of.


That would probably work well, not sure it’d be better, but it’d work well… didn’t try it ever on this build, but no reason it wouldn’t be a decent fit in the weapon slot. I like the green in that hand here as it gives me an option for the affixes (this is a stash’d build), but there are more realistic purple and blues that would work alright as well. I really, really like the Salazar pet and tend to use it in my builds when I can, just personal preference.

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Thank you for the quick response, I will see how it goes

Sure thing, good luck with the toon, hope you like it!

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Why the green shield? Perhaps some alternate items could be listed for people unable to get the rolls of these monster infrequents? Or more importantly what sort of affixes you are looking for on them so we know what to farm for?

The green shield is for survivablity. Lots of resists (including much needed phys resist) and some meaningful points for the pets. This set up is an attempt to have the best of both worlds, a toon that is relatively tanky while having pets that can still manage quite capable DPS. Having both of those qualities in GD isn’t always easy, the gear choice here is in an attempt to pull that off. Both affixes are super helpful and make the shield into a key piece of equipment. Find one with eithe affix. Stonehide will make you tougher, of immortality will give your pets and you health. In my more budget friendly SR Conjurer I use a Lichguard and no DR’s (though to be honest, finding a suitable Fleshwrapped Bulwark is probably easier than the blue shield).

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It’s an amazing shield for survivability. I even missed the high physical resist on yours. For people wanting to farm for a good roll, port valbury might be a good place.

Yep, any area full of aether enemies. Port Valbury is good, around Homestead is good.

Do you think this build still can do SR125? at lvl 99 now, will spend few weeks to farm gears and hope can test deep SR in next month or so.

Can it do SR125? With some good mutator rolls, good rolls on bosses it can handle, I am sure it could. Reliably beat SR125? Not close. Though there were always some bosses, some levels that I could not do that high, or even in lower levels (Alex is this toon’s Achilles’ Heel). I seem to have corrupted my toon character file and have been messing around with other builds, I haven’t been back to this one since the patch. Before patch, Iron Maiden was an absolute baby. Post patch that’s a tough fight. So, to answer your question… sometimes, rarely, yes when the right rolls line up would be my guess.


Hi there, really love the build, great work!

And maybe a noob question here, but as I’m comming back to Grim dawn I am stoped with your devotion here.
How you manage to be able to take Bysmiel Bound (green) with all the other constellation? I have 55 points but I miss always 2 green (even with 1 in crossroad) to be able to take it???

If I’m understanding you correctly, I think what you can do is use the Hawk devo +1 in green crossroads +Lotus devo to get the required six points in green, then put points into the Bysmiel’s Bonds Devo. At that point you’ll have more than needed in green and can remove the points from Hawk via spirit guide and put them towards other devos. If that didn’t answer your question, can I see the GT Link of what you have now, that may help.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply and your help!
Actually I took the taod with my 4 remaining point necause I was not able to finish the Bysmiel constellation
Here is the link of my build

SR140 completion video (Warden) and other nems (Valdaran, BennJahr).

Updated build, some new affixes due to patch, added totems for better healing / damage. Just one death in chunk 4, might be able to push further.

(forgot the blade pre in the calc, using “conjurer” pre)

Valdaran, BennJahr, Warden (first try… almost)

First Valdaran




Been a few patches and updates to the build since fighting superbosses.

Callagadra, pets hold their own fairly well. Need some respawning, but they stay in the fight well enough that it’s never dramatic. One of the few pet builds that doesn’t have to run & spawn (Callagadra is very tough on pets in my experiences), but actually takes the fight to Cally. Happy with this result.


This toon is definitely more tank than DPS, but still, brought it out to Crucible for a quick run. ~6:50 with tributes and a couple of towers, not fast by any means but could be worse.

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