[ My Deep SR Pet Conjurer - SR140 solo, Callagadra, Lokarr, Ravager (CR150-170 ~6:50)

I built this toon a while ago for team deep SR play, basically tried to make a toon that can take a beating (and pets too), while still dishing out DPS. I’ve done as high as and completed SR175 three player with this as the DPS part of the team, I have finished ̶S̶R̶1̶1̶5̶ *edit S̶R̶1̶2̶5̶ *edit SR140 as of 11/30/2023 (pic below) solo and am quite sure I can do deeper. (I said it can go deeper at the time of it doing SR115, 140+ may be doable… we’ll see :slight_smile: )

Please note, I have thousands of hours in this game, I’ve farmed… On this toon I am unapologetically using four unicorn DR greens. They are crafted. This is a purpose built toon for deep SR, seeing what is possible in the game mechanics, how far it / a team can go. That being said, the basic formula is there and a toon with realistic greens can be built very similar to this and be probably ~95% as good.

v1.2.0.2 SR140 update here.

I put this together months ago… I already see things I’d change, that being said, this is tested and proven so I figured I’d see what it can do with and share.

The build
v1.2.0.2 update version below, swapped out Zaria for Heart of Mountain, stole points from the hound to put in Mog Pact, found a few points for the briars, etc.

The toon centers around two briars, they are really tough pets. The Nature’s Regalia set is (imo) the easiest two-of-a-kind pet set to use and make damage into what you want. The briars are willing to do whatever. :slight_smile: The shield gives a nice damage bonus indirectly to the pets and has great defensive stats for the toon.

Almost all physical and elemental damage is converted to vitality damge (Bonescavanger arms + Marrow Band for phys, Lunal’Valgoth belt + Spiritbinder ring for elemental converstion). Curse of Fraility + Devouring Swarm skills are used for -% vitality rr, perfect for the converted damage type. I pump up the bird’s aura (and a little in the dog for fire → vitality and DA) to get as much flat for vitality conversion as I can.

Devos, devos, devos… I hate using blue and gold, they’re boring… Mogdrogen the Wolf is where it’s at for pets. :smiley: But, the best balance and healy devos are that direction for pets, blue + gold (healing rain). Works here well enough anyway.

Video of SR115 chunk 4, I forgot to start recording when I fought the first boss… it was Lucius (or however his name is spelt in high SR). But, started recording after, two Benny’s and Fabius. Beating Fabius this high, I’ll take it…! Not a single death in chunk 4… only two deaths on the entire run. This toon is durable. :slight_smile: (v1.2 SR140 video below)

Callagadra <5 min, can see it is far from a face tank, but really it isn’t too dramatic, pets need to be respawned, but hold their own for a while. (Updated Cally below, faster kill with 1.2)

Lokarr, as you can see damage isn’t insane, but durability is quite good… easy, lazy fight.

Ravager. Face tank for the most part, not the fastest, but easy fight.

Well, there you have it. My attempt at a deep SR tanky pet bruiser, hope you like it, maybe it’ll give you an idea.

*edit - Added a post below, but figured I’d put it here as well… update as of 2/19 - SR125 solo done (video recording software corpped pic, sorry)

SR140 finished today - 2x Valdaran, BenJahr, Warden Kreiv


I can very reliably get to chunk 4 in SR130, but I cannot beat most nemesis bosses. Still, nothing to be ashamed of doing just that much, imo.

*edit 4/8/2022 - Playing around this morning, changed my leg armor to ancient armor plate (used to be scaled hide)… same 100% absorb, little more armor, DA.


Cool concept, gratz! Sad story… Nerfs are coming… Soon ™.

Just jokin’… :vulcan_salute:

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Kudos for trying uber deep SR, haven’t seen anything of that caliber since the scaling was buffed in


Dunno if I should feel honored or annoyed if the toon got nerfed. :stuck_out_tongue: But, if they do… I’ll find a way… < evil laugh >

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Yeah, same here! :vulcan_salute:

Moosie is a hard “No” at this level. But, 3/4… I think it’ll be doable with friendly rolls in chunk 4.

Videos of the three bosses:

Iron Maiden and Zantarin. Pretty quick kills…! /flex

Shar’Zal (Shar’Zul)… one of my most cowardly fights ever, flexed ON. :smiley: But, in the end, a W is W… Gotta get all 4 though. All in due time.

Vitality have lot of natural enemies, why not try to Elemental pet, Storm Spirit 210% elemental damage buff lost.

I have made plenty of elemental / fire / cold / lightning conjurers, they’re fine. If done properly they can beat all game content and push SR100 in my experience with builds I’ve made / builds I’ve seen others post . But to keep elemental would be a fundamentally different build with different devotions, different gear. I wouldn’t be able to keep my arms or Marrow Band ring which generate additional pets (conjurer is really strong with 4 pets and temps, I tried to give it more pets here)… the arms for DPS, the ring to pull aggro off my toon (when you have Fabius chasing you in SR115, you’ll appreciate that pet and its aggro more than a little more damage type % DPS increase, imo). I’m quite sure a deep SR elemental conjurer would be possible, but I felt the path of least resistance for a deep SR conjurer was through gear that has vitality conversion. Vitality is one of my least favorite damage types for pets, but I have just enough % rr here and conversion that it seems to work.


but Elemental type will get more deep and more fast.

I don’t think it will go any deeper with elemental. In fact I think it’d struggle to perform as well in deep SR if I stuck to elemental. There are numerous ways to do damage, you’re suggesting trading a higher pet count for more damage % on fewer pets… not sure that’d be better. I’d lose the Salazar blade for a Mindwarp, I’d lose a very strong temp pet with -% rr there. I’d lose the Marrow Band ring, high HP tanky pet that takes aggro would be lost (important in high SR). I’d have to use different arms, three high DPS temp pets lost there as well. I would have to try it I guess, but I don’t think it’d be better with elemental.

Wendigo Totem will make Pet more tanky. 125 ~ 130 level how long did it take you.

I really don’t think the totem will be enough that high.

I have opened to 180 on this toon (I built this one years ago), so I didn’t go all the way from 115-130 a single round at a time, I just opened to 125 since I can with a Death’s waystone. But, it takes maybe ~10 minutes per chunk that high (*edit probably closer to 5 minutes a level, video below is very average… when I don’t die, that adds a lot of time, respawning 5 times, buffing up. conjuring pets, etc.) You can see in the video above, in chunk 4 I can kill bosses in a couple minutes or so each. With hordes it takes a bit more finesse, takes some time to lure them over without biting off more than I can chew. I have vids of doing chunks 3 and below at 125 I can post to give you an idea.

Here is me finishing chunk 1 (with time) and almost finishing chunk 2 (almost had time left…) This should give you an idea of what it looks like in chunks 1-3.

cant watch, youtube website was block in my place :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You’re not going to be able to watch Moosie 1-hit me from across the viewable screen area then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Moosie damage is crazy in high SR. also can freeze Pet make headache。

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can u make new post for Stalwart Guardian & Eldritch Hound or someother same Pets, can show Pet icon like primal spirit when they gone will disappear, or at least like skeleton have buff icon.
because in lots of monsters, always cant see have or not.

Not sure if I’m following the question exactly… the Eldritch Hound and Stalwart Guardian, they don’t have icons. You can see them spawn in the videos (I know you aren’t able to see the video right now). What do you want me to show you in the post, what they look like in the game when spawned…? Or are you asking if there is a way to see when they spawn / are cooling down? Those two spawn automatically, no icon / button to press.

I kinda carpet bombed answers there, hope I got your question. :smiley:

Post in Ideas and Feedback, suggest them update in v1195