[] "Budget" Deep SR Vitality Pet Conjurer SR110 (2 greens, only 1 suffix on each in this build)

A lot of you are familiar with my “Deep SR Pet Conjurer” and as interesting as that build is, it does use four DR greens. While that’s fine for us filthy stashers, for legit players and such that gear is not realistic. So, I wanted to build something that anyone can farm for, have a SR stomper. This build trades those DR’s out for a Heart of the Mountain amulet (made this change for anyway), the Fleshwrapped Bulwark is traded out for a blue Myth Lichgaurd - flat vitality, useful pet health, and in the video below both the greens have only a single pet-friendly suffix and no prefix at all. So, that means any version of those you farm with that suffix, whatever prefix it has will only make the toon that much better.

Will add some celestials here soon… but, thought I’d get this one posted. Somehow vitality damage for pets is becoming my favorite, used to hate it… but, can’t argue with the results! :slight_smile:

The Build as shown in video below:

(forgot my spellscorched plating + mankind’s vigil in the belt in the link here to finish off my toon’spierce resist and aether / chaos overcap)

Only BoD and auras active

SR110, first try, no deaths in chunk 4 (But don’t ask about deaths in the other chunks… :smiley: :smiley: Video of chunk 4 here)


Hi! I really like this pet building.I’m relatively beginner in the game I don’t have much experience yet. My question for this build is good with this leveling guide https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/wip-1-1-9-0-ssf-budget-bleed-chaos-pet-conjurer-sr-65-66/ thanks for the reply sorry for the bad english

I skimmed through that guide, looked at some of the leveled GT links… that would work fine. My advice, don’t stick too, too closely to the guide, use it as a reference, but not a “must” for every part. But, it has some good advice, the devotions are different but will help you get to 55 points which is really all you need. You can’t go wrong with starting with shep’s crook. :slight_smile: My advice, and something the author of that link seems to do as well in their builds as they level, is put points in the pets early, they’ll make going through the game easy and fast. Keep stacking those pet items. There’s a good chance by the time you get to 100 you’ll start getting some of the gear needed already… especially if you do some SR runs. The belt for this build isn’t exactly “budget” it is probably the toughest part to get. But, it is far from impossible to get one with a pet suffix once you’re up to 94 and make some runs.

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Thanks for the helpful and quick response. :smiley: My last question would be Factions selection tipp? which factions should be selected

you say this is a budget build, are you ever going to post a non budget version of this build ?
I’m about to play through on my first conjurer (i usually do some kinda melee tank build) so i’m following this but i was wondering what possibilities extend past this.

The non-budget version is linked in the OP


ty! not sure how i missed that!

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I am always friendly with Barrowholm (hey, meat is meat). Ravager’s Eye is a must for me. I also usually go with Death’s Vigil, but I typically don’t need much if anything from them or Kymon’s, so that is less important.

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Only issue I have is the 1-94 leveling part, if you try follow this without knowing the devotion order, and just trying to use the single green sword, its rough, i had to change over to a elemental build, using, 100% phys converted to fire, stacked fire on pets, and went from there, became a lot easier that way… Its even hard to believe that this build will do more dmg then an elemantal build at the end? but i am wrong obviously cos im a new player… any advice?

I have a feeling if you went into a little more detail for us newbies, like orders of skills, devotion order, do you just level as occu or shaman first? or? yeah, just more info on the way to end game :slight_smile:

Maya made a great all-around leveling guide that should work for this one too.

Entirely different devotions though, also cant find which skills to go for first? No offense but linking 1 guide to another guide that has absolutely nothing to do with each other from 0.5 versions ago, just doesn’t help lol.

I have ~100+ toons, so at this point when I build I often take an existing toon and respec it, 4k hours in the game… I rarely build from scratch any more. There are general pet guides out there, this one isn’t especially different for leveling.

But, here is my advice for the devos (and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask…!)… the devos on this build are fairly straight forward, you won’t need to trade a lot out. Shep crook → Lion → Jackal → Typhos → Panther → Lotus, Hound, Eel, Scarab in no particular order → Tree of Life / Ishtak (though you may open Tree or Ishtak before you have all the blue / gold done to have both, can get one of those first, then finish the necessary blue or gold to get the other… hope that makes sense).

I’d say damage is comparable to elemental - this budget version is just a little lazy, a few pet friendly pre’s and a Flesh Wrapped Bulwark (EASY farm) might give it a little bump. While I do lose elemental dmg % bonuses, I have several vitality dmg +% to make up for it. Also, with vitality damage on a conjurer I don’t have to chase -rr in the devos, Devouring Swarm + Curse / Vulnerability are pretty strong on their own… can use those devos for flat damage or survivability, whatever you want.

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Thanks Skele really appreciate it!

Sorry if i sounded irritated :slight_smile:

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Hey Skele thanks again!

Does offensive ability > Damage % on pets in a big way?
I dont have the phys/ele converted to vit items yet, im running 100% converted to fire with Korvaak’s.
Im doing about 700k dps, but I notice even at SR 110 you can hit 1.2m which is crazy!

Im assuming this is the items+offensive ability needing to come up?

Amulet is Will of Bysmiel, Belt is Myth Voidmancer cord, Boots are Myth fiendflesh greaves, gloves ghols reach.
Thanks again :slight_smile: Pets

What you have there looks good, and if you were two get to Khonsar Rings… < shifty fire eyes >

OA for pets is important. I like to get BoD up to 16/16 for the flat OA it gives pets (you could also use some points in Aspect of the Guardian to get that pet poison resist up, and phys resist is always welcome). Somewhere around 50% OA for pets the critical hits really start to add up. I wouldn’t say you need it more than damage %, but you do need it. Get your current build up to ~60% OA pet bonus as it is and you’ll see big damage improvements, imo.

In your GT link you can freely move the yellow crossroads point to fill in the last point of the tree of life. Easy more life for you and pets :slight_smile: Great easy to put together build!

I think I moved the point from Wolverine (don’t need that much pierce overcap for pets). TBH, I’m not super happy with these devotions, the deep SR pet conjurer probably has better overall devos… I just tried to make these a bit different, but I don’t think these are better. The devos on this build could definitely be a bit more efficient.

Gosh I didnt even know about those rings :slight_smile:
Thanks a million for the advice, that fire damage is going to help a ton!

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Bysmiel trinket pieces wouldn’t be terrible either and are easier drops. But… once you have gear you’ll have to decide if you want to go elemental or vitality. Both are quite capable. Fire / elemental are sports cars, vitality is a diesel truck. :slight_smile:

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Is it bad to wear the glyphbinder when im trying to boost fire? will it mess up dmg by converting ele to vitality when really i want ele?