[] Minimum Wage Budget Fire Pet Conjurer - 75-76 Farmer, easy main game and more

I’ve posted a deep SR pet conjurer, it’s a stasher’s paradise build, or one that someone could farm for a very, very long time to build similar. I’ve posted a much more budget friendly build that uses nothing but realistic green, blue, and purple drops. It isn’t quite as powerful, but farming for it is quite easily realistic for someone that doesn’t mind a bit of the grind. But, I thought I’d post this recipe to give an idea of what can be very easily built as soon as you hit level 94, have a few BP’s and some faction.

In the video below, there are many greens, but they are all target farmable, very commonly dropped, or faction equipment. None of them have any affixes whatsoever, save for the helm that is an “of the wild” suffix as I needed just a bit more oomph and DA for SR75. But, that is a completely 100% realistic and an easy drop, they all are. Any version of this you farm for and build in game, any affixes AT ALL, will make the toon better than what you see in the video below finishing SR75, with some time left even. A lot of this gear you’ll be able to farm and build from in Normal and Elite difficulties.

No affixes

The build:

I’m using fire damage as that’s an easy drop / conversion on the 1H slot. Beyond that, simple rr in devotions and via curse / wind devils. Pets have good resists as you can see int he screenshot, they generally do not die. As I have it in the build above, my toon is running around to stay alive a bit, but the pets just keep putting in work.


I’d suggest this path for the devos if you are building this: Shep Crook → Toad → Soleal Witch Blade → Raven → Rhowan’s Crown → Jackal → Bysmiel Bonds → Lion → Typhos → Wolverine → Mog the Wolf → Empty Throne

This build (without affixes) isn’t a going to set speed records or go beat up SR100, this is a “starter” budget farmer that will do the job with relatively cheap and inexpensive gear to get. Cheap doesn’t have to be bad. :wink:


This looks cool. I am following this build now, and so far, at lvl 40, it is smooth sailing. Thank you!


Would you consider adding some leveling snapshots in the future?

Normally (as with this toon) I take a 100 character I already have and repurpose it… but, you are right, this is a beginner what you can do with mostly very easy to get gear build, so a leveling guide would be good… Trying to get a buddy to help wit that who likes building from level 1. But, do plan to have something to add eventually here in time, I do think it’d be helpful for a build / topic like this one… will get something added.


Level 20 update:
Building this guy form ground up. I didn’t totally go SSF as I didn’t blow away my blue prints, but… otherwise SSF for this guy. Going to add updates every 10 levels. At level 10 had whatever and just keep putting points into the briarthorn. Now I’m up t level 20, wanted to give Grimtools links along the way as a leveling guide. Here is the build as of now with drops I’ve gotten thus far:

Shrines done: Burial Hill (near Devil’s Crossing), Foggy Bank Cavern, Devil’s Aquifer, Flooded Passage, Slith Cavern, Burial Cave (near Burwitch).

Gear: Starting to collect any pet bonuses I can at this stage.

Ease of leveling to this point: 9/10 A little slow against bosses, only taking on regular totems (not ancient). Briarthorn does most of the work, need to use a health potion occasionally, so far easy going in veteran difficulty.


Level 30 update

Toon looks like this, again, just picking up any green / blue pet item or item that helps with me defense at this point. If you can’t make the same relic, make whatever you can that gives you defensive buffs, but obviously at this stage Hysteria is best you can do. I’m adding points to the main mastery bars and here and there in the storm spirit aura. I’m working my way to the hound’s hellfire aura. And of course working my way towardds the briar’s emboldening aura. Once I get those I’ll drop points in all of them until max’d as well as points in Curse and Raging Tempest for -rr.

At this point in the game I’m on my way to Homestead, can finish SR1 w/o timer, have cleaned all shrines (save for Steps of Torment) up to Smuggler’s Pass. This includes the previosly mentioned and Spined Cove, Rocky Coast, Old Arkovia and Arkovian Undercity third level shrine, Burwitch Village

Devos looks like this with Shep’s Crook at lvl 7, will get Rhowan’s Crown next to start leveling that:
Order Shep Crook → Toad → Raven

Just now starting to build some faction and possibly (a lot an drop between now and 35 / friendly w/Rovers) use some Rover’s gear at level 35:

Hope this helps, see you with the next update at level 40.

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Level 40 update. Toon feels very strong as is for normal difficulty yet (elite should be unlocked soon, but not going there just yet). Having a good time farming. :slight_smile:

What I’m doing? At this stage I’m through Darkvale Gate and on my way to Fort Ikon.

Toon as is through grinding and farming to level 40:

Shrines collected:
The previously posted and; Rotted Croplands, Den of the Lost, Mountain Deeps, Tyrant’s Hold, Steps of Torment, Blood Grove, Asterkarn Valley

Next devos: Finish Jackal, then Bysmiel Cuff and Soleal Witchblade to start leveling those

Faction this far

Ease of play: 8/10 Can beat celestial totem with some kiting, ancient totems with some running around, desecrated shrines and most hordes are no match for the toon at this stage. Resists still are a work in progress at this stage and it does at times take active piloting, though.

Up next, get to Fort Ikon, clear Necropolis and then head to Conclave of the Three to start working my way towards a Korvaak dagger. See you with the next update at level 50.

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Level 50 Update
The build is starting to take form now, have gotten lots more devotion shrines and finished Forgotten Gods content, earning a Korvaak dagger in the process. Pets mainly do fire heavy elemental damage now, and the toon har great rr already for elemental / fire.

Just got to the Desolate Wastes, on my way to find and rescue Ulgrim. Finished Forgotton Gods main quest to start faction. Working on AoM now. Leveling / farming ease: 9/10 Very strong for normal difficulty at this stage. Plenty of DPS for eliete, but still need to work on resists before braving far into elite difficulty. I’ve only gone there so far to get the easy shrine in Burial Hill and finish the starting quests to get the XP.

The toon looks like this at level 50:

Working on finishing Wolverine so I can start on Mog the Wolf. Shrines completed include the above mentioned and the following in normal difficulty: Ruins of Abyd, Cairan Docks, Temple of Osyr, Sunward Spire, Tomb of Eldritch Sun,
East Marsh, Ancient Grove, Tomb of Ugdall

Elite difficulty: Burial Hill

Faction at this point

So, how does it play? Here is a video of the toon as in in the link in this post vs. Loghorrean


Level 60 build update
On normal difficulty everything comes really easy… 9/10 ease of farming / fighting bosses. I’ve worked my way to elite a bit more, so far it’s very easy there… 8/10. But, based on past experiences I know it can become very difficult pretty quick, so I’m still treading rather lightly there.

What am I working on at this stage? On normal I’m making runs around Homestead and the Eldritch Tomb, behind Vanguard, trying to find a better shield and head armor. I’d like to get resist up a bit before sticking to elite. I’m also working on faction as at level 65 I’ll have lots of options for faction gear that’ll help. So at this stage I’m in a a bit between space, not quite ready for elite, pretty strong in normal. But, I have to grind it out a bit more as mentioned, by the level 70 update I expect I’ll be in elite full time.

The toon as of now:

Devos, working on getting Mog the Wolf, then will get yellow / Typhos

Shep Crook at 17/25, Elemental Storm at 12/20, Eldritch Fire at 11/20 at level 60. Just bound Bysmiel’s Command, so that’s at 1/20, looking forward to another helpful pet. :slight_smile:

I had an unexpected reboot (PC’s need power ya know) so lost the list of shrines I had collected, but I think here are most of them I’ve gotten since the last update:
Normal: Crown Hill, Ugdenbog, Ancient Grove, Gloomwald, Malmouth Outskirts
Elite: Cavern (Foggy Bank), Devil’s Aquifier, The Flooded Passage


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We still physique dumping while levelling while keeping around 5 points in case we need some spirit for off hands? Also is there a reason for not taking the normal pet conjurer levelling greens like zaria’s and bloodsworn codex?

I have been going all in on phys as I’ve had enough cunning for the Korvaak blade at my level. So long as my cunning is at the level it needs, I go all physique. Also, that allows me to use a shield, which I prefer in general, but since I’m trying HC (if that doesn’t work out, you’ll suddenly see my videos become SC for the sake of continuing this guide :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:). I’ve used that off hand, it’s a personal preference thing imo. This shield buffs Mog Pact, BoD, and can have a suffix friendly to Heart of the Wild. While not direct pet buffs / resists, they do help, that and my toon gets the defensive benefits of a shield and I get to ignore spirit for the most part (physique dump… DA, HP). DPS is definitely not a problem with this toon with a shield.

*edit - I may have to save a few points as I get closer to level 94 as the off hand I’m using requires some spirit. But, again, this isn’t an end state build, but more of a bridge to get you to one while still being able to farm SR, beat bosses, etc.

My snapshot at level 70

(Just got 70 and haven’t applied protection enchants yet)
All normal cleared except AoM after Ulgrim, on elite did initial Devil Crossing quests and rushed to act 2 bag quest.
I am thinking to change hysteria for something else for now because its pet dies too often.

Very nice play so far. Thank a lot for this build.
Several questions:

  1. Ascendant Cowl seems very rare drop - is there good substitute?
  2. Kravall is ******** even on normal non veteran, any substitute for shoulders?
    One more wipe and I’ll stash them, who add this ******* boss…

Here is where I left off at lvl 67 with mine, I’m using shoulders from the Rovers right now. I have no trouble with Kravall in Normal difficulty with the toon as is below. I haven’t played this one in a week or two, will have updates coming.

A choosen visage of the wild (pet elemental resists, toon DA, useful points) would work really well too (see helm in link below)

*edit - Also, Kravall doesn’t care for skeletons too much. :slight_smile:

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I was lucky to get this cowl while questing through Ultimate:

I finally beat Kravall, even on Ultimate, but his shoulders from Normal

dropped much better than on Ultimate.
I don’t want to use harvest handguards, as they don’t give anything to pets, so I’m still wearing this for skill and pet bonus:
But I was happy to found those hands, are they ok for build?
For rings, I got rather fine bloodsworn signets.
Main task now is farm for good Bysmiel legs, as I’m still wearing this

Those are great gloves, better than the ones in the build used here in fact. This build uses easy to get faction gloves for the sake of keeping things relatively easy to find. The gloves you have there are an upgrade.

*edit - Also, tbh, a chosen visage is probably better if you get good affixes. I had the ascended cowl for the native elemental resist the pets needed for the recipe above, and because it worked with no affixes meaning anything you find would be better. But, if you get a chosen visage with an of the wild suffix, that will give the pets the needed elemental resist, and you get some fire damage for the pets which is great for the build. It is just that becomes a bit more farming than the OG recipe… anyway, I’d use it. :slight_smile:


Decided to convert my old lvl 100 Conjurer I abandoned into this after struggling with SR 30-35 (Elite) on my other character (A budget Archon).

It didn’t feel great initially, as I had an Ancestor relic and not Primal Instinct, as well as a few unleveled constellations. Kept going, leveled the skills and ran through Malmouth on ultimate and about as I reached the end, I was able to craft Primal Instinct. Before that, with leveled skills, it felt okay, but I had my doubts that it would outperform my other character.

Primal Instinct made all the difference. Tore through Theodin Marcel like he was nothing. Will be doing SR next.

Thanks for this! Having a great time with it.

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Level 70 Leveling Update

On Elite I’m headed to Darkvale, but I’ve gone back to Normal to farm a bit as my chaos resist is a little low for HC. I’m sure I could do just fine, but not a “best practice” in HC to risk it. On Normal I went back and just finished SR15, was easy if a bit boring… but, no trouble at all. At this stage I’m caught in that not quite ready to keep going in Elite, op in normal (but thankfully I’m still at a level where I can easily farm in Normal) stage a bit. But, just farming until I get a little more resist.

Devos, Shep Crook at 20/25, Elemental Storm at 14/20, Eldritch Fire at 17/20, Bysmiel Command at 11/20, Mog the Wolf at 7/15. Devos are at 53/55, only a point left in Typhos and then I’ll put two in Empty Throne.



Following this guide and it seems fun.
Can someone tell me how to setup the lootfilter properly?

This is my current setting and since the briathongthing kills all I am not missing any offensive stuff but dunno about later.


still hoping to get an info on the lootfilter.

This is my char right now. The shield seems to be my biggest luck hit, at least it feels like that.