[] [Something Completely Different and Somewhat Clever About Stomping] Fire Callidor's Tempest Sorceress (SR80, Controller Friendly)

And now for something completely different, part twenty one of my controller friendly build series: Callidor’s Fire Sorceress.

This is my fourth Callidor’s Tempest build (henceforth referred to as “CT”), and definitely the weakest. Even with the general buffs in, it took a few tries to clear SR80; the other 3 cleared SR80 in or earlier, and did so with ease. (I’ll be trying them on SR85+ when I can get around to it.) This build will be brief as a result. I also tried a Templar version of this build in, and it was awful, struggling to clear SR65.

CT build 1: Something Clever about Stomping
CT build 2: Something Else Clever about Stomping
CT build 3: Something Compeltely Different and Clever about Stomping

grimtools link.

Playstyle: use CT.

Video proof of clear

Gear Notes

Mythical Mark of Anathema may convert lightning into aether instead of fire, but the bonus aether damage it gives gets converted, making up for it. This ends up as the best medal, even if it’s far from perfect.

A perfect Incendiary Shoulderguards would probably be superior to Vanquisher’s Mantle.


Nice, but I would have leaned into health regen and gone southwest in devotions + bumped Blast Shield up to the soft cap, as it’s bloody useful survivability wise.

Might test out an alternative version tomorrow then :3

Blast shield could work, but it would be at the cost of a lot of OA or DA. I normally just put one point into it and forget it, but there are surely times that call for more than that.
You really don’t need health regen, with 12% lifesteal in addition to 6% CT to health. You can see in the video how quickly it heals; it would take a massive investment in heath regen to add substantially to that.