[] Steel cannon build (opposite of glass cannon)

Tactician, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

High DPS ranged physical dual wield and very durable due to :

  1. 59% physical resistance

  2. 4k armor

  3. +4% maximum all resistance

  4. 31% reduced target’s damage from war cry

  5. Tortoise and crab constellation

DPS in photo is with deadly momentum, word of renewal, deadly aim and ulzaads decree buff


While the build does look fine and all bla bla (seriously nice) I just love the photo instead an screenshot !!

But I know it’s just more of a problem for console players.


Just level up 94 with this build, softcore but 0 death. Its definitely one of the best ranged build to date. I’m trying to reach those numbers in the picture. So far mine only 3k3 armor, 2k5 OA, 2k2 DA and 90k dps. idk what make so much different? Here is the grimtool

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Craft the helmet and amulet from Angrim.
He (sometimes) adds 4% armor as crafting bonus.

This build still work at this patch?

Yes, actually more durable with patch
because of the change in doom relic: physical resistance is now 54% however armor is now only 4500

What type of dmg we should focus at this build? Physical or Pierce

Physical damage

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is there any decent ranged build that isnt sinle target crap

The build is actually a nemesis farmer