[] The Procmancer - Vitality Death's Reach Conjurer (SR 80-81)

Hello people! Finally, after nearly 2000 hours I decided to make a Conjurer. I play Pets a lot, but never had much interest in going for what is probably the best class combo for the playstyle. But I did not make a Pet build. This is a Vitality Bloody Pox Conjurer with the Dark One set and a ton of procs. I always had the intention to make a build using Bloody Pox + Twin Fangs + lots of other procs and just seeing the chaos unfold. And this is exactly what this build is for.

Stats with Blood of Dreeg and Abominable Might on.

The idea is simply casting Curse of Frailty, Pox and Devouring Swarm and sit around your Wendigo Totem while the damage over time depletes the health from enemies and the procs just fly around. Primarily, we use Twin Fangs and the Eldritch Pact relic for the piercing projectiles while Sigils of Comsumption, Rend and Will of Ratosh further weakens them. And enemies get punished when hitting us with Doom Bolts, Kilrian’s Flame and Shattering Force. Toxic Gas Cloud helps with fumble/impaired aim and the Black Star (fully converted to vitality) applies the flat RR. Finally, the star of the show, the Mythical Death’s Reach, adds massive amounts of extra damage and RR to Bloody Pox and Devouring Swarm and also has its own proc, Wave of Souls, which triggers frequently. When attacking, we cast our own Doom Bolt and leap at enemies with Upon Rylok Wings (fully converted).

The 1.2 Update

The build is very sturdy and can heal/leech tons of health back very quickly. However, this is when I’m going to talk about my impressions for the 1.2 update as several changes have been impactful for the gameplay feel.

The quality of life changes have been great. Auras activating automatically is a good change. The new sound and visual effects for loot are pretty cool and the icons that help distinguish specific types of enemies are super useful. There has been a small, but noticeable decrease in the amount of MIs dropped, but the drops being guaranteed from certain bosses are a big improvement. And the potions being infinite are a good addition as selling lots of them every time I went to town was annoying.

Now, there’s the dash. I was pretty skeptical about this early on and was worried that the game was just joining the trend of Soulslike games with their dodge rolls and punishing gameplay, but I was overreacting. The dash is actually amazing and helps improve travel through the world and it also allows for quick dodges against more telegraphed attacks. I’m terrible at reacting quickly, but the game gives enough window for a reaction in most attacks. I still prefer anticipating enemy moves and moving out of the way preemptively, but the dodge just helps a ton in situations where I want to sneak behind a group of enemies and find a more favorable position.

Sunder was also talked about a lot before the patch. I was worried that this would make the game way too punishing for the kinds of fun builds I enjoy (mostly Pet Hybrids and meme builds). I haven’t tested Pets yet so I can’t say if the changes have been bad for them, but Sunder is okay. It does make things a lot scarier and getting hit by multiple hits or projectiles after a Sunder can end in a quick death, but that was the point of it. It was meant to force people to react more and stop the constant facetanking. I tried using this build to facetank Lokarr and I can happily say that it doesn’t work. And I’m fine with that. The game needed a shake up.


Lokarr can be beaten by simply moving around the small pillars in the center of the arena. Some of his attacks just vanish into the wall. Bourbon Clones remain as pathetic as ever. I didn’t notice any changes for them. I thought about trying Ravager, Mogdrogen and Callagadra, but then I decided I didn’t want to put myself through the torture of kiting them around for 10+ minutes. I also tried Crate for the first time ever and almost got him (he had like 5% HP left, ugh), but the damage from the build isn’t massive (also, almost no crit damage) and he just nerfs you constantly. Ended up cornered by a bunch of tiny crates when my dash got caught in the scenery. It seems doable. Oh well… Moving on.

I went straight for SR 80-81 because I was too lazy to climb from 65 to 75. It is totally doable within the timer, but slow and very difficult. It is probably safer to go for 65-66 or 75-76. One of the biggest problems with this build (other than low movement speed) is the fact that the procs can spawn very far away and simply aggro everything in the map. There was at least one moment in the video where everyone came for me at the same time and it got a bit messy.

All Key Dungeons are doable and the build can also kill Kra’Vall and Rashalga relatively safely. Rashalga requires running around a bunch though. I don’t play Crucible. Campaign highlights in the videos below.

Fun First

This build is quite fun and I enjoyed the entire ride through the campaign. Endgame performance is meh, but I mostly make builds with fun in mind. Performance metrics like speed or time don’t really matter to me, but if you want a top performer for farming or just because you enjoy super optimized builds then this build isn’t good for you. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!


Simple and reliable, I really like it:) How fast was the leveling process?

Very slow for me, but I’m a naturally slow player. The fun begins relatively early on when you get Twin Fangs and you attach it to Bloody Pox, but Pox and Devouring Swarm are really dependent on items to deal damage. I’d recommend using Primal Strike or Sigil of Consumption during leveling.