[] Ultos Barrelsmith Elementalist SR 85-86, Crate, Calla

Nothing changed from to as far as I can tell so everything is up to date.

Hello everyone, this is my first build showcase here on the forum. It started off with me trying to mix barrelsmith guns with cyclone set, but in the end, it felt like I was forcing things together, and so I switched over to make this “Ultos Barrelsmith Elementalist”. It was such a fun character I decided to attempt crate for the first time and then subsequently farmed him for the neck.

This is a one of those ~taboo~ hybrid builds so we are casting and also using savagery for dps as well, ofc always keep uptime on it for the OA. It’s pretty hard NOT to keep uptime.

OLD Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (Updated rings to Gollus for HP, Regen, Etc, SR 75-76 video was made before this update)
OLD Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (Updated devotions slightly and switched gloves from wyrmbone to cindertouch and boots from stormtitan to stormbearers, with the extra chaos resist able to use better augments on jewelry, might switch back to stormtitan if max health ends up being too low)
NEW Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (Swapped ghoul and hawk for jackal + rowan’s and augments for DA and Tinker belt)[All videos except 85-86 filmed on previous build]

Salvation and Serenity are good defensive relic options.
I would assume this goes without saying but the rings are GDStashed. Time is short as it is without spending a million hours going insane killing the same boss.

Below pictures are with savagery buff on.


Videos below:

All videos 1-2 takes. Just trying to show viability at this point. if I decide I need faster times then I’ll update vids with better times.

SR 75-76 Haven’t tried to go higher yet, but now that the new patch is out and we can waystone deeper gives me a reason to test.

SR 80-82 Can definitely go higher than this, I just wanted the video up and I don’t have the checkpoints to go higher.

NEW SR 85-86 I’ll go for 90 soon when I have time. For Iron Maiden you need to either facetank or kite at the perfect distance because blitz is an OHKO at high shards

Crate: ~1min

Calla: 4:40

Lokarr: ~18 seconds Need to do again cause I have more dps now

Rav: Haven’t attempted yet (coming soon^TM)

Mog: Haven’t attempted to kill this lightning boss with my lightning yet. (coming not as soon^TM)


Noob here. How does savagery buff work? You got stun and pierce res overcapped as well as OA buff? I thought would only be flat damage buff.

Savagery buff =

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Where is the actual build guide ? Perhaps I just don’t understand this site.
But I’m seeing a character pane. not a skill pane. Can’t build a class from the character pane alone.

Click the “New” grimtools link!

“Grim dawn build calc”

Skills are all there.

If you are unfamiliar with grimtools, you can open skills with the S key or clicking the book just like in game.

The Ulo star with 15% Elemental res must be some kind of mistake when the character already has like 100% Elemental overcap

It’s just a prereq node

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build still viable? do u think can do ravager?

game is still on, there wont be any game changes until 1.2.1 goes live

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yes and yes

yep exactly. Haven’t checked next patch notes to see if any changes to this build but if there are I will update.