Meh he is easy. :smiley:

Face tank ? im running the entire fight…

and yet, its still very much possible to do that AND kill him:

Build used in video:

Seriously you people who bitch about Grava need to learn to dodge his fucking attacks, the orbs alone double hit for enough damage to outright burst your entire hp pool instantly, but noooo if it can’t be facetanked it’s bad design, which by the way move so goddamned slow you can make them hit terrain and pop harmlessly, as I do numerous times in that video. I also don’t stand in the chaos pools that shred 40% of your chaos resist. dodge everything, move in to attack when you have openings, what you and everyone else like you doesn’t understand about this is beyond me.

The thread was not to complain about anything else than the fact he can debuff everything which is a lil OP:eek: and nothing else except the debuffing skill he has

and? again, move out of the chaos pools. his hp reduction aura? ALL Rylok Oppressors have that, as do Aetherial Regurgitators, which by the way can be dispelled.

seriously don’t know why you complain so much, every boss has debuffs, Grava’s aren’t even that extreme.

and if we’re talking about his nullification, I dont even think he used it on my at all in the video, or if he did I probably blocked it with terrain

All you did in that video was run around, wait for Mirror to pop up, use it, rinse and repeat. Excellent strategy for mastery combos who don’t have Mirror :rolleyes:

Even if the nullification projectiles are easy to avoid, he shouldn’t have nullification in the first fucking place. Yeah, let’s give nullification to a Nemesis, top notch idea.

The only thing VERY OP about him is the fact that i wake up i dont have absolutley no skill/buff/potion/nothing on, even during the mirror effect…those are skills…a char/class’s mastery base skills…and if u are not with ur eyes on grava and on quickslot bar u die cause u dunno wtf…

This should not even be possible in any game on anything, the only motive i “complain it” is cause he is also an OP enemy without the fact that he can unskill my skills.

Which i agree, he is a nemesis, and i like him there powerful, but without that dubuff/nilification/unskilling skill he has. Thats is just a bad ideea…

well considerin’ if I take his attacks head on I’d lose a fuckton of hp I’m obviously not gonna sit there and get hit.

I keep seeing this from people (including you) without ever seeing an argument as to why it’s a bad thing that dangerous enemies are…dangerous.

Because in a game where 90% minimum of builds rely on buffs to increase pretty much everything, having an enemy that can just strip that away, forcing you to back off and rebuff is a terrible design choice. Not to mention it also deals heavy damage on top of it.

In Loxmere is fine, he’s weak as paper. In Arcane heroes is fine, they made of paper. But Grava isn’t made of paper and in Loxmere and Arcane heroes cases, it doesn’t even deal damage. Not to mention everything else he does, ranging from dealing heavy damage, fumbling melee and ranged and lowering your total health by 28% and total speed by 20%.

I have a great idea: we’ll make a game where pretty much every character relies on a bunch of buffs to be viable against anything above white enemies, then give one of the hardest enemies in the game a way to effectively take away 20-40 skill points and 1-4 gear slots by instantly destroying those buffs! Cool!

There’s a wide gulf between “well designed difficultly” and “poorly thought out gimmicks”. Making a game so ridiculously skewed towards defenses and buffs that grant them and then making an enemy that just strips off all your defenses is shabby design that demonstrates a lack of understanding of several key areas of good game design.

I’d love to see most of you people whining about Grava play any game that relies on reflexes. If you think an ability that moves as slow as a fat guy at a gym is hard to avoid, faster paced games want a talk with you.

A friend of mine who has maybe 60 hours into GD and 3 100s can easily kill Grava without dying.

Can’t people fucking read? It’s easy to avoid but he SHOULDN’T have nullification in the first place.

Aight, why? If it’s easy to avoid then it’s no problem. Stop complaining about a thing that isn’t even an issue.

By this idiotic logic, if he had a skill that one shot you regardless of defenses but if it was easy to avoid, then it would be fine. :rolleyes:

And again, another person asks “why” when i have a post in this very page explaining why. It’s like people are selective about what they read to make their arguments seem to have any ground to stand on.

“Isn’t even an issue” when it’s known to one shot through Mirror and Blade Barrier. But keep believing it isn’t an issue.

Did you actually fight him yourself? I have, killed him several times, when he was much stronger. And even after that, he shouldn’t have nullification, period.

You’re not really trying to prove a point as to why he shouldn’t have it. People have pointed out it’s easy to avoid as long as you pay attention. it’s bad for him to have it because it’s an inconvenience for you back off and let them hit something other than you, or worse, just eat the orb and reapply everything in the worst case scenario?

You Say it makes your buffs meaningless and/or a waste of investment, but you also say it IS easy to avoid. Really your argument boils down to “this ability is inconvenient and I don’t like it, get rid of it”

and noting this: orb’s null effect shuts these off before it deals damage, trying to use these skills to save you is foolhardy at best

Losing your buffs isn’t an “inconvenience”, they are the thing a ton of builds rely on. It’s just as bad as if he had the ability to remove your equipment to your inventory, forcing your to reequip them. Meaning during that short period of time, you are far more vulnerable than you usually are, leaving him an huge opening to straight up kill you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s “easy” to avoid, it could be the easiest thing to dodge in the world, he still shouldn’t have it.

Yes, it would be fine, because it could be avoided. Is this your first game or something? One-shot attacks that are avoidable aren’t new.

An ability that removes buffs if it hits, removing buffs if it hits? :rolleyes:

I’ve fought(and killed) Grava plenty of times, as has a newbie I know. Neither of us has had any problems. He really is not an issue.

Yes he one shot me during my mirror - cause he debuffed everything i had on, including mirror, and one shot me practicly 0.30 sec after i activated it. if my defense skill wont protect me, even those that make me invincible 3 sec…than this is similar to a bug.

So what if u are a new player, that means the payer is the fault ? Never. An OP enemy in game given an EXTREMELY OP skill is not good. Is very bad as an ideea.