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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Farthest Frontier’s early-access launch and we’re incredibly pleased with how the game has been received and has sold thus far. Already nearing a million copies sold, with a current 30-day user rating of 88% and average monthly player numbers that are often double or triple what Grim Dawn saw during early-access, Farthest Frontier is so far outperforming Grim Dawn’s early-access run by every metric.

We think an especially positive sign of our success in early-access though is that Farthest Frontier has maintained a higher user rating than Grim Dawn at its lowest points and we’ve been steadily increasing that as we’ve continually refined, optimized and expanded Farthest Frontier over the course of the last year. Grim Dawn currently stands at 93% positive and we are confident, in time, through our continued effort, we will get Farthest Frontier up to that level of player enjoyment or beyond.

While feature / content updates may have initially been slow, the team did a lot of heavy-lifting after release, refactoring complex systems, optimizing and bug-fixing to first address many of the most glaring issues players experienced. In the past 6 months though, we’ve ramped up work on new features and content, greatly expanding the game with quality-of-life features, forestry, deep mines, quarries, the paper industry, and our unique take on spirituality and faith. The next 6 months promise to be just as exciting with an expanded combat system, new combat units, raider camps, new farm animals, achievements, mod support, and more on the way!


Sincere congrats that is well deserved

You’ve come a long good way too!
I won’t even mention the recent news about Grim Dawn.

You all keep kicking it out of the park

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Keep it coming, you all are doing great!

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It just keeps getting better and better.

I played GD since very early alpha and it’s an amazing game, but FF isn’t really my type of game. That being said. I’m so glad it’s doing well for you guys and people are enjoying it because I’m hoping it will mean more games from you in the future. Especially a GD2 in a more modern engine.

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Just keep expanding FF and GD, don’t make a GD2!

Its separate teams, bro.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Crate are a small company of 20 people so I expect they switch people around a lot depending on what needs doing on which games.

super curious to know more about combat expansions that could be really fun

More here

I have put in around 550+ hours into Farthest Frontier, and despite all of that, I am still learning and enjoying what early access has to offer. It never ceases to amaze me, that you think, “surely they couldn’t improve this even more” and out comes another quality update.


when will early access 1.0 be available

Welcome to the forum.

Zantai said in the dev stream in July it would probably be another 5-8 months before full release of the game.


Well being playing this game for a long time and can see the improvements, Glad to be with this game.