100% Block Recovery & Overguard Uptime RF WPS Warlord: damage/conversions/multipliers

Achtung, wall of text.
Only recently i read mutliple times that flat physical damage which was converted from something else is going to be “better” than normal flat physical damage because how armor works differently in regard whether its normal physical or converted physical flat damage.

Below my Warlord which i like very much atm but i have some trouble to figure out how much some aspects are of significance after i read something about this stuff.

Defining Features atm (scroll down for questions):
-119% Physical RR
200% Attack Speed most of the time
100% Block Recovery at 71-79% Block Chance all the time because 100% uptime Overguard
70% WPS (Markovian’s Advantage, Zolhan’s Technique, Smite) ontop Righteous Fervor
70% Elemental to Physical conversion (not intended)
50% Acid to Physical conversion (not intended)
25% Aether to Physical conversion (not intended)
Absorbtion shields against 7 damage types ontop Overguard and Ascension (Crab Devotion, Boots) and over 6k blocked damage.

If you look at the build than i have a couple of things that would fall under this aspect of above mentioned phenomenon of “to physical” conversions:

  1. Both rings i use mainly because of RR and stats but now i realized that they become even more interesting because of flat poison damage on themselves and the proc, while using MI belt which converts acid to physical (50%), but i was never thinking about the symbiosis of them in the first place. Also the Deathstalker relic delivers flat acid.

  2. Augments on weapon and shield grants flat aether damage and the seal on the weapon grants aether to physical conversion (25%), and again i never was aiming for the aether stuff.

  3. Crab constellation grants flat elemental damage and i have 70% elemental to physical conversion from 2 pieces of the Spellscourge set from which i use 3 pieces atm, but sorry to say it again, i was never aiming for that conversion, only for the amulet because of Overguard mods and because i am still missing Warborn shoulders. Only the shield i put on after reading about this converted physical damage vs armor phenomenon.

  4. As i was thinking about that all, i only then (me stupid) realized that i have a couple of fire and burning damage at hand because of Righteous Fervor, Smite and Guardians of Empyrion while having 70% elemental to physical with this setup.

Questions about damage conversions

  1. Does elemental to physical conversion mean that e.g. flat Burn damage from Righteous Fervor becomes Internal Trauma damage right? So does flat Fire from Smite become flat physical?

  2. Does acid to physical conversion mean that flat posion becomes Internal Trauma right?
    (rather a needed reconfirmation, and asking again doesnt hurt)

  3. At which conversion % point you consider it worth to integrate this x to physical conversion to get that kind of damage conversion? Or, at which point it starts to have a significant impact at all?

Question about Markovian’s Defense (Overguard mod) and reading damage variables:

It reads Total Damage modified by -18%. Thats a quite hefty amount, you feel it right away.
But there is that Spellscourge set amulet with +12% attack speed and the gloves with +150% Physical and Internal Trauma which both will be permanent in this build because of 100% uptime of Overguard.

  1. How can i ellaborate whether or not those two buffs overcome that -%Total damage from the mod? (+Attack Speed, +% damage, -% Total damage, i am bad at math)

Thanks for reading, sorry for wall of text

I hope some of you experts out there will have a look.




I think it has very little impact in your build because you don’t have that many sources of elemental and acid. Although given that the way you built it is bound to have very low damage I might be wrong and these small bits of fire/burn and acid/poison will help a lot.

It doesn’t cancel out even for your autoattacks, and that -%total damage works on any damage you do, including devotion procs.


First, thank you for taking the time.

Thats the core of my problem of understanding the impact of such things in general.

Thats not nice. Dam, i didnt realized it in that way like you put it there. Too bad. But the main concern isnt Damage fortunately on this build. Its all about getting Overguard permanent to get permanent 100% Block Recovery while squeezing out every little damage available which fits into this concept, and if those conversions would do alot in relation to this low damage build than i would be more than happy nevertheless, as this build is the only build additional to my Aegis Paladin who wants/needs a shield.

One thing i could try is to go full Cunning which will end up in a DA desaster of 2400. Full Cunning? Because i have only 5% crit damage :thinking: while having very high OA. Kinda akward. I guess i try some SR Elite (to bad of a player to take on Ultimate SR) 65/66 runs and look if i can do it with only 2400 DA.

Thanks for input

100% Block chance and recovery under perma OG won’t make you immortal since plenty of stuff bypasses shield these days. Just in case you didn’t knew and had some hopes :slightly_smiling_face:

High OA is pretty point less without high %crit, but extra %damage would help.

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