1008 Commando EZ exGladiator150 with 0tower&buff&consumable, no cheat, no bluff, just a simple video

For those who still think 1008 nerfs on demolitionist is to going to hurt alot, here is the video. 29min30s Gladiator ex100 to 150, no crucible tower or buffs, and no consumables as usual. Enjoy!
Same items with flashbang+torch combo.:rolleyes:

Nice but bit slow.

How is it slow?
Every video I have seen do it in 20 to 22 minute range have all used atleast some Towers & Crucible Buffs. Which when used will easily make your time faster and makes the run alot easier. Not to mention they are using consumables also.

Good Build.

22 to 29 is like 30% more time. Not all builds are taking offensive towers and buffs.

Even if you are taking defensive towers and buffs you still are making the run faster and easier.
Prove me wrong make a video not using towers buffs or consumables on another build and let’s see how slow 29 minutes is

I dont make videos, just stated my opinion and dont intend to prove anything, bit tired of nerfs you know :wink:

I know you don’t make videos that part was for anyone who wanted a challenge. Also this shows the nerfs were very minimal at best. So everyone who was screaming you killed sword and board commandos by reading patch notes were wrong. Yes nerfs suck but are needed to help maintain some balance in a game.

Tell that to my DW BM who lost 30% dps and half of survivalbility…

Pls don’t put words in other peoples mouth/posts.

I never said killed. I said hit hard, too hard. 20% total loss. It’s not killed just more boring to play and harder to sustain via ADctH. I won’t argue again. It is what it is.

First off I never mentioned you, seems you are a little sensitive so maybe you should have been who I was talking about.
Go back and read all of the posts, tons of people said that commando was killed after reading patch.
Yet the build is still way to strong overall compared to other melee builds

That’s like saying, “they chopped my hands off but it’s okay i can still kick them to death”

I don’t know if this makes sense, but i’ve been wanting to say something like this for a while. And i thought “now’s good” :stuck_out_tongue:

How is that even remotely similar.
Its a fact that in the patch notes preview and in superfluffs post about sword and board commando nerfs people were declaring sword and board is dead. Hell people even promisedtto quit the game over it. Yet none of them played the changes but just new they were no longer going to be viable.

Yet sword and board commando is still one of the best melee builds in the game (if not the best)
None of the nerfs were game changing at all. more importantly flashbang/searing Light is still broken as fuck. Especially searing lights fumble chance. They need a real cool down on this skill. Having searing light basically be spammable is crazy.

Look i don’t want to argue what’s right and what’s not cause that’d derail this thread and i’d just be using this as an opportunity to release frustration and i don’t think that’s even the least bit productive

You and i have different opinions and different perceptions of what is and what isn’t broken. I don’t mind Searing Light nerf. But that’s not the only nerf they did.

Personally i couldn’t care less anymore, they know what they’re doing and most of the player-base seems to love it. Since i am a build-poster i should just go fuck myself since that seems to be the general attitude towards us.

Also, if you notice my post i did say something later on that indicated that i was just poking for fun.

Enjoy the game :slight_smile:

The discussion started on my build thread so it was natural ,I think, to assume. I don’t know who said killed.

And the build suffers in crucible quite a lot.

You are forgetting that this build is not melee S&B but hybrid caster combo, and no one argued about that but phys melee s&b builds.

You misunderstood my point on searing light, the nerf did nothing to it. It is still way overpowered because it is basically spammable.
I’m not playing the game this patch found the game to easy in ultimate now. As the changes to enemies damage, oa & da was to much.

i’am curious about your timer with damage cruci buff (might of amatok+vanguard banner lvl 3), can you share this info with us ?
Nice build btw. :>

It’s not even a hybrid. It’s just a caster build that uses shield with the soldier tree for extra survivability. It functions the same as ayylmaos pyromancer

It is a hybrid, he does use firestrike in melee range and when he cannot sustain the damage taken he can stay away and kite. That being said most of his damage doesn’t come from firestrike. Still, it’s a hybrid.