1h Primal Strike, c'mon guys!

I’ve been waiting for 1h chain-lightning wielding spirit-based Trickster build since pretty much addition of the Shaman. After each update. Explosive strike has 2 mutators, why not add 2nd nerfing mutator for Primal Strike, what gives? C’mon, it’s been literally years! Been here since early access, what a ride, can’t believe it’s been so long…

There is this weapon https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/13914 that makes you use primal strike with 1H weapons

Hm, because Fire Strike can be used by multiple weapon types while Primal Strike is restricted to 2-handers. Even without the mutators FS isn’t restricted in what weapons you can use it with.

As Ulvar1 posted the devs did make a weapon that allows you to use PS one-handed.

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You’ve been keeping an eye on any updates on Shaman but somehow missed update which added monster totems and above mentioned item? Don’t mean any disrespect, but it was quite a big one.

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Here is an actual build using that weapon too [] Savage Stormrender, DW melee Trickster using Stormrend with Primal Strike on cooldown and spamming Savagery, SR 65+

Here is a PS with a shield.

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Well, true, I didn’t look as closely at changelogs, as at things that are visible in-game like new constellations. It has to do with the way I play - I’m doing tons of low-level hardcore builds which either die or I switch to something else. For all the time I have no legendary items on any chars as they hardly ever reach lv >50. Yes I’m missing out on a lot of stuff, but that’s how I like it :slight_smile: I really see no reason to restrict that opportunity to a single item though - why?

Still, thanks for the hint with Stormrend, I actually wasn’t aware! If nothing else will farm for it :slight_smile:

there are many things that are restricted, like AAR with off-hand, devastation with off-hand (spellscourge shield can enable it), many skills that require melee weapon etc

Gotchu. But yeah, Shaman is a 2h weapons expert, hence the restrictions. Balance reasons as well, I reckon.

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Well, you have Savagery for 1 and 2-handers. Shame it’s just not as flashy as PS is onscreen.

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I just love my chain-lightning Torrents!

That’s why a mutator. Like Soldier’s Discord. He ain’t by any means an elemental expert

devs wont add some transmutators and change the skill trees :slight_smile:

And arcanist has OFF with -x% physical res and she is not a physical expert.

To be fair, I think I have seen discord been used on one or two builds in my entire life. It can be changed I think

How’d you know? :slight_smile: Were there any official statements?
Ain’t transmutors just for that? To go in a different direction and combos that otherwise are not possible?

Me too! I have to push myself to use Savagery in some builds because I just enjoy seeing lightning all over the screen with Torrents, Tempest and Ultos going off. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I can not imagine that they would do such dramatic change at this stage, they are basically trying to “finish” the game and move on


Can totally see what you mean, yeah. But one can dream! I sure will :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can mod the game?

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A lot of transmuters, conversion ones like Discord especially, exist to create synergies between masteries.

I also doubt we’re going to see big or radical changes to the mastery skill trees this far in to development.

Probably not in the near future, I’m not in game dev or that close to it. But if I ever do - that’s very likely the first damn thing I ever do!

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Well that’s exactly my point - to create a new sinergy.

Yup, balancing 7 masteries is probably hell already.