2 healthy cows not giving birth and its been four years now

I have two healthy cows in the barn and it’s been four years and have not given birth to a calf.
Plenty of grain and root vegetables, they’re grazing fields but is this a bug now after the update?
Last week from my other saved game, was able to produce calf each year and it only took the following year after purchasing the second cow from the trader.

Thanks guys!

It’s happened to others. Shouldn’t though.

Well I started another map (game), and this time calf was born - after two years though. So indeed 2 cows are required to give birth, which is what I have when I started this thread. No other pre-requisites are needed (well provided their healthy and has ample of food) . So not sure what happened to my previous game. May be the bug is inconsistent?

It’s useful to know that some events in this game, like start of new year events (inc. Cow births) are random events. So if the chance is not 100%, you could get unlucky with the virtual dice rolls and roll “failure” multiple times in a row. The best way to observe this in action is to save your game midway through the last month of the year, and see that you will have different outcomes for the year end event notifications. It’s more noticeable the bigger your settlement is :slight_smile: By the way this applies to traders as well. In principle you could reload your year end save until the “right one” comes along at the start of next year.

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Now that is a good tip since am not even aware its a stroke of a dice lol.
I do normally save my game off and on but this will come in handy.
Cheers for that!

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You’re welcome! I discovered this by accident as I made a screw up and decided to load a save I made. Suddenly I got 5 cows instead of 4 at year end and the new villager births/immigrations were different I was like ehhh…so I decided to try the traders as well. Sure enough, it’s all random and it’s allways “new random seed” for events that have not yet been determined at the point of saving.

Correct, it is worth noting that the UI displays ~ for the birth rate, as in “approximately”.

Maybe those two cows just weren’t into each other.

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Or maybe… they were both cows and no bull :speak_no_evil:

Or they were both bulls and he was “milking” bulls :smiley:

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Lol ok. But in four years? They should have known each more well. Too funny man.

I am having the same problem. Two cows, full fodder and grazing 96% with two workers. It has been much more than four years–probably more than ten-- but I am not sure of the exact time. Birth rate shows as 0 per year. I am on idyllic valley/vanquisher. I would think even with a random chance of producing a calf each year, one would have been produced by now.

After playing more games I have realized some important things to factor in:

  • Happiness of village
  • Abundance of food not only for the cows but for the entire Frontier.

In some of my other games, I have missed 1 year but nothing more than that for calf birth.
Try to factor these things in, you’ll be more successful for birth rates as well for settlers (ensure plenty of housing).

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