2H melee class choice help for a newbie

Hello there.

Im doing my first playthrough with my 27 lvl soldier. I want to use 2H melee weapon, i was using forcewave as a main skill it was good but it is a caster skill, so i tried to use cadence but it was worst no aoe dmg or no good procs.

What i want is chargin group of packs or bosses with my blitz and destroy them with my melee weapon and procs so help me for that build please.

And i still dont have second mastery i will be happy if you guys help me for a pick one, maybe a fire dmg can be good but i didnt see any build that use 2h melee fire in this game.

Look here Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions) under “2H melee” :slight_smile: all of them are soldier based and one i actually a fire build :wink:

You need no AoE when leveling, you just wanna kill bosses and complete quests. Killing trash mobs is just waste of time, unless you need to farm a specific monster infrequent item that they can drop.

If you want some more AoE on 2H cadence, get fightning form to 12/12 for 3 targets, and some points in Zolhans technique.

Finally, skills with good AoE usually have bad single target damage, meaning the hard fights will take longer time and become more dangerous.

How about Lightning Primal Strike Warder (Soldier + Shaman)?
Primal Strike is very cool melee skill with good AoE.


Given you like the idea of ‘blitzing in’ but using a 2H-weapon, maybe you’d enjoy a Warlord with Vire’s Might. Blitz is better with a shield, Vire’s is neutral on the subject :smiley: Plus, Vire’s doesn’t need a target like Blitz so it’s a far superior mobility skill too.

Vire’s Might is great with a physical damage build, it also has fire, and you don’t need to invest a gazillion points into it to get decent results. A 2H-Cadence Warlord with VM as a movement skill would still be tanky with good single-target / AoE damage.

Also the volcanic stride skill is crazy good for proccing devotions, in particular those with short cooldown! (I have Fiends flame torrent bound to it on one of my VM builds and its so fun to see the entire screen filled with those flames)

(not 2H melee and thus off-topic but just wanted to show basic idea) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOLx8o2

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Don’t they swirl around you, as in the description?
They stay in place? You need to make a screenshot :yum:

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I can do it. I might have confused my builds here… i have so many skaters lol

@tqFan you was right, I confused them. I mean “aetherfire” proc from “Imp” :slight_smile: I have that on my skater shield breaker and the entire screen basically gets convered in greenish fumes. Very good with vanquish set that converts some of the aether to fire.

Anyway, the flame torrent from fiend kinda spreads on the screen since you move around all the time, but yes it has its center around you.

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Thank you all for you answers.

i have a purifier so i dont want to play those classes again and i dont like shamans style :smiley:

i check warlord but i couldnt find any skill for 2h player.

Basically same as Blade Arc Death Knight but with Oathkeeper instead of Necromancer.