[2H melee] Krieg Death Knight on budget, the Soul Reaver

Thanks mate, for the augments i am just min/max the resist. But for the wep. I think it was bysmiels aether damage augment. And for the amulets and ring it was soliels augment for aether damage also. Still farming for living armor. And the other half of the magelord ring set. dunno where to find the relic tho.

And no bloodied crystal for me also, i used soul shard for now.

This is correct.

This is also correct, Potent Bysmiel’s Shroud and Irrah’s Soulfire namely.

I experimented a lot on this, actually.

Normal quality (Bloodied Crystal, Ugdenbog Leather, etc) blueprints could be grinded from Treasure Troves on ultimate (or perhaps Elite, provided the location is lvl 86+). My favourite spot is Darkvale, since it has free dynamite just on the way. There are 4 spots where troves spawn, but since GT is down here’s a map. Orange is dynamite.

Rare quality (Living Armor e.g.) component blueprints are much harder to get from Treasure Troves and they require level 92+. What worked best for me is to farm SR on Normal at about 25-30 depth. Chests there got a decent chance at them. Your only other decent option is Roguelikes on Ultimate I’m afraid. Nemesis I don’t remember to be honest, I tried grinding Kuba on elite but it didn’t work out well for me.

Use Haunt as a placeholder.
Relics can be a bitch to farm.

thanks @Stupid_Dragon your the best!

tried you route, got 1 trove around 3 - 4 run. and found this route https://gameplay.tips/uploads/posts/2017-11/1509724243_09.jpg kinda gave me a trove per run,

Um, what? My run also gives a trove per run, you just didn’t check all of the red dots.

The run you found might work too, perhaps you could farm something even on Elite, since Gloomwald is one of the locations that scale up to 90 on Elite IIRC. The reason I prefer mine is it could be done on Ultimate (better chance at legendaries) and it’s easier to reach (mid-vanilla campaign vs AoM campaign).

yup, it’s a good run, maybe i’m just missing the trove? still new at the game. just got it for a week, and kinda doing your run for the the gloomwald one, hoping for Kubacabra to spawn at gloomwald. still farming for those kubakabra chausses. the other half of the Magelord ring set still not dropping for me. thank you for your guidance and build @Stupid_Dragon, I sky rocketed from zero to hero hehe.

If you’ve got an extra copy of the ring you have you could try transforming it at FG inventor into another one. Should work.

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that would be awesome! are on right know?

Um, what? Did you misunderstand or something?

To paraphrase - if you have and extra copy of the magelord ring you already have then you can go find an inventor in Forgotten Gods campaign that could transform one piece of a set into another piece and get the missing ring this way. The option unlocks after Tome of Eanatum quest.

I’m not into trading. For starters I play hardcore for the last 3 years. I’ve got zero legit items on softcore.

aww, yep i mis understood. i only have 1 only.

just got the living armor blueprint from Kuba!

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hey could you point on the latest dk mindwrap krieg build plz cuz i am searching but it semms the build died i got all my armor

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Nothing more recent than that.

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do you know if your build is mindwrap viable since the skills are not the same i can finetune it later but i need a good starting point

“Viable”, huh.

Well, my build is 2H, the build I linked above is DW and the classic Krieg is Sword&Board. Ofcourse they are a bit different - my 2H devotion setup has Kraken while DW doesn’t have it, on the other hand S&B setup should have Aeon Hourglass for resetting Overguard and Mark of Torment compared to how I use it on 2H setup just to reset Krieg’s Wrath and Blitz. As for skills classic S&B setup ofcourse delves into Overguard I mentioned before and Shield Training while DW and 2H build spends these points to get WPS skills (which are absolutely terrible with shield cadence in my experience). Another skill related thing is Menhir’s Will working with 2H and shields but no DW, so it’s absent in DW build.

Overall S&B setup is probably one of the most tanky classes in the game, but damage could be described as meh at best. DW setup has solid damage, but is pretty average among DW builds. The gearing difficulty is more or less the same, since for one build you’d want two Mindwarps and for another Mindwarp and Mythical Will of the Living. 2H is strictly a poor man’s setup.

That’s about it, figure out the rest yourself.

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i meant if i swap mythical soulspliter with mindwraps will the build devotions and skills points need any change to farm ultimate?

I answered you above on that, in detail.

With the recent change to Soulsplitter giving it back the phys-aether conversion and additionally a +2 in soldier skills, this build looks pretty doable again. Anyone else?

I guess it is, will edit out the red text once I have a more stable connection.

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