2h Physical Warlord seeks your advice

I have almost finished building a 2h physical warlord, using Forcewave as main spam with a Mythical Stonefist Rebuke. However, recently a Gutsmasher dropped for me and this has been making me think of swapping the build to Eye of Reckoning instead. It appears that I can easily do this with a simple skill respec (more or less all my FW points will just go to EoR, with a few points left for assorted other stuff). Devotions look like they can just stay the same.

Before I commit… does anyone have expertise with these builds to give me their thoughts on which would be strongest? Almost no other equipment would change except the weapon. Also, is the Gutsmasher the best weapon for EoR since it uses very little of your weapon’s damage? Is a 2h even the best choice for EoR?

Finally, how would such a build compare to a Death Knight Cadencing with a Leviathan in terms of strength?

2h Physical EoR, shouldn’t be a problem. Not sure if it’s true but I read once it may be even stronger than DW.

@fordprefect might know, he makes this kind of builds.


Leviathan DK is stronger than 2H Gutsmasher Warlord in both offense and Defense but can say EoR is more fun to play than Cadence. You can also use Leviathan with Warlord ofc. Not the ideal way but it works well.