350 population village, leaving until game has more QoL features, personal feedback list here

The game got to the point of being too tedious and slow. Performance was also heavily affected (25-35 fps with Alder Lake CPU, GPU barely used). Here is my list of the features I would like to see (some of them must have to even recommend the game in the first place).

Defending village is pain - poor AI, have to overbuild defenses or pause every 1 second of gameplay to micro-manage units, can’t click one button to select all villagers with equipped weapons/armors or at least bows, no way to have “scouters” that will alert raiders are coming etc. No way to highlight allies and enemies to see their positions at first glance. Perhaps allow villagers to turn into aggressive mode and chase raiders even if some of them die (better than hiding in home and letting raiders destroy their stuff including homes).

Can’t repair destroyed walls and buildings with one click, have to find them one by one.

Lack of fine-tuning and full control of village. Can’t tell resource makers (for example bow makers) to make stuff (bows) until you have 100 of them in storage. They will be making them until they fill the storage entirely (that is shared with other resources). (seems to be addressed in the “work in progress” list)

Setting up filters in storage buildings is stupid, time consuming and repetitive. Allow turning off entire category and copy-pasting settings from other storage buildings as a bare minimum. The game shouldn’t hit early access until said option is implemented… (seems to be only partially addressed in the “work in progress” list)

Can’t tell villagers “make product B that is made from product A but ONLY if there is at least X of product A” so that you keep a bit of said resource in stock for other more needed recipes. (seems to be addressed in the “work in progress” list)

Limiting X amount of builders to buildings is stupid and should be removed. Good luck building huge fence or wooden palisade with only 3 workers.

Remember previous settings when building new stuff. When I put 10 workers to build something then automatically set 10 workers to building the same thing in future.

Same thing but for worker slots in buildings. Or at least allow us to always set worker slots to max.

Let me manage workers myself. I want to have all work slots enabled so I can add more workers later on from population menu. But I don’t want the workers RIGHT NOW. And when I add work slot, the worker is automatically selected. So right click to make selected work slot empty would be a good feature.

List all buildings that use gold. Add button to move camera to selected building.

Clicking on overlapping buildings should rotate selection between each of them instead of you trying to click that small hitbox on one of the buildings.

Buildings menu doesn’t tell you the HP and other stats of the buildings (can’t compare upgradable buildings etc)

If you can’t show the stats and explain things then add F1 “help page” or something similar.

Let me repair the buildings.

Upgrading buildings one by one is slow and tedious.

Performance is poor and stuttering is happening every second or few seconds, as is the case for nearly all city builder games in early access. Needs a lot of work of optimization/multithreading.



I agree. The game is fascinating for several hours, and then becomes boring, and there are performance issues. Of course, this is Early Access. I will definitely come back after a major update or full access.

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