4 Tier 3 Devotions?

well, I am playing this build right now: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GEogqZ

Got me way into ultimate (just playing it there) and up to now died 3 times (is level 91 now)

And I do not even check for the best gear, just take, what I find and match it to the rainbow I have…

I think its a tough build due to the massive LL it has (accidentially…)

What do you say, after you checked it?

upload the char as it is to grimm tools. But you seem to play vit dmg, get rattosch and dying god, maybe also abomination

the one currently played? Sorry to ask, but how can I do this, please point the way to a description if available

the button above the “share” button :stuck_out_tongue:

You got no gear in that gt. Gear is the basis of everything.

But skills you chose aren’t known for carrying builds unless in deep endgame. Try something with Ravenous Earth. Also, Blood of Dreeg line is on every occultist, never drop this. Mark of Torment is useful and cheap for every necro.


Nerys beginner guide for oppressor also contain Cabalist version, study it [] Beginner's vitality Ravenous Earth Oppressor with leveling guide

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yeah, conversion… I did not yet get to that, neither I ever used augments yet… too much hassle. But I figure, this will change, when I face the Nemesisses on ultimate then.

For the RR, I am not sure I get it. It’s resist reduction, I gather but there are even RRs for any damage type? Didn’t have that on my porch yet…

Soooo much input, me like! Thanky a lot so far!

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You mean one RR to rule them all? Look at tip of scales proc and Manticore and Revenant (they do not stack with each other)


yeah, I used Scales a lot, but felt limited…

Its good devo, helps with energy, life steal, etc its very good


It worked! (happyhappyhappyjoyjoyjoy!)

I know, it’s THE survivability Devo, loved it for a long time. Actually one my most reliable builds was a conjurer with scales… and almost all other lifesaverprocs ggg

Trust me on this one, check out that Nery guide I linked to above.

yeah, had it roughly checked. I forgot: up to now I only played Occultist + XXX yet. Bloody Pox is just IT!

I did not get around other combinations yet (those without an OCC, that is…), though I’m thinking about Shaman-Nightblade Or Necro-Nightblade a lot recently…

I will surely delve deeper into it though.

Take your time, if things get overwhelming, but don’t wait until you need augments or you will have to research at lot of stuff at once. I’d rather get familiar with them while I play. Augments never worsen anything. You could just go to a quartermaster, slap whatever looks good on your gear and look for upgrades when you meet the next one.

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Can’t remember it very well but couldn’t vit also go Rattosh+DG+TD when skipping flat RR? Tho that’s RR you’re skipping.

Fire can go torch + DG + TD if you really want it but nowadays DG is only worth on chaos and some attack builds.

Way before scales RR was a thing one way to deal with the DA meta without DA was 4 tier 3 devos on s&b phys soldier. Tree, Ishtak, Vire, Empyrion.

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All of it is true, but I mean so far I only found Physical damage can reach 3 tier 3 devotion with the same damage type as Azrakaa + Empyrion + Vire give damage to physical damage.

Cold - seru, sage, wirpool https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV70ppvZ
Cold - yougol , sage, wirpool https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQ4QQnZ

With 55 devotion points you can fit 3 T3 devotion on any dmg type. The question is - will it worth it. )

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so, I even managed to get Behemoth into the build… yet still, at Level 72, Hungering Void has a tendency to bring me down, only defy death from an amulet saves me… dont think I will continue with this or ever use hungering void again. Doesnt make fun…

Based on the replies here I think of building around RR now… lets see what I can come up with

A bigger problem here by the sounds of it is that you’re essentially relying on Giant’s Blood and Defy Death as your only source of health recovery. Not to say that either is bad but when you’re looking at a 25 second cooldown (before CDR) for one and a 60 second cooldown for the other, it’s not going to hold up for long fights when both become unavailable - any build needs some way of recovering health in a constant, consistent manner. Doesn’t matter if it’s high amounts of passive health regen (enough to more than compensate for Hungering Void’s degen), life steal via weapon damage/spells/procs or chunk heals you can proc often like Dryad’s Blessing or a combination.

I’ve played several builds that take Hungering Void - Vitality/Chaos casters and melee builds. The health drain on Hungering Void in a fight is nothing compared to the amount you can recover, it only becomes an annoyance by the end when you’re out of enemies to sustain from and your health bar slowly ticks down from full.