5 random ideas

Hi, some ideas:

  1. There is no incentive to build houses around the towncentre building. It’s actually smarter to separate houses from the towncentre so that more room is available for buildings that increase attractiveness. I don’t know if it is intended like this by gamedesign, but if not, maybe consider giving some sort of incentive to make the towncentre an actual towncentre, rather than just another warehouse that you can have on the outskirts.

  2. Walls should be able to be built at angles, not just rectangular. Upgrading them should be easier: At the moment you have to click at the wall tile by tile to then click upgrade.

  3. More speed range. At 1x speed people should not look like they are running. And sometimes I would like a 5x speed.

  4. More intelligence for bandits. If one has breached a wall, the whole band should fall into the town through the opening, not continue hacking at the wall 2 tiles further.

  5. Newcomers that come as a group into town look a bit stupid, because they walk so close together. Spread them apart.

But your TC also adds desirability as it goes up its tiers.

I see thanks. Then maybe an improvement would be to make sure the player understands this dynamic ingame.

To your second point:
I absolutely would love walls being possible to build with angles.
But to upgrade them simply click “x” and select the desired parts, then a menu shows where you can upgrade, delete or repair them.

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