A Begginer guide for Witchblade

Hello guys, Im trying to find a begginer guide similar to this: [shield melee] Beginner's pre-Krieg Death Knight.
I bet its actually same route for Witchblade, my main questions are:
-What item setup do I need around lvl 80
-It is possible to rush any sword+shield Witchblade?
-What Devotion’s and skills are needed?
-Is any AOE dmg here? (After forcewave-caster period)
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Unlike DK, the Witchblade don’t have weapon pool skills, so I recommend sticking with Forcewave. Please read this for information!

The DK guide was written when DK and Witchblade both were the go to classes for any physical Soldier. Now there’s Warlord as a strong contender and when it comes to shield Cadence builds Warlord is a cut above both DK and Witchblade now. Especially for non-geared state. Both Witchblade and DK have to use conversions to physical to further boost damage but Warlord is just blessed with sources of flat physical damage in the mastery.

Honestly Witchblade is just a below average class in my book nowadays, which is why I’m not too interested in doing a beginner guide for it. If I had to it would be a 100% Forcewave levelling and farming, similar to malawiglenn’s Forcewave Warlord and DK rather than my shield cadence DK. After I get Bloodrager set and Gutsmasher I’d respec into 2H Blade Arc build, or maybe DW Cadence with Warborn set and Beronath sword - depending on what drops first. Shield is simply out of question.

I understand that it’s not what you wanted to hear, but with min-max approach in mind that’s the best I could offer.

Thanks guys for adventages. I will keep that in mind. :wink: :smile:

While you are giving good information, and do a good effort to help, this is the kind of reply that prompts the “omg 0 balance” and “no build diversity” threads y’know… people being told to play something else.

While I agree with you that posts like these are part of the problem, I see no way to give him a satisfactory answer otherwise and I feel like keeping it quiet that his initial assumptions are wrong while telling him only what he wants to hear is kinda deceitful, because it’s an indirect confirmation that his assumptions are correct.

If someone is interested, I could write up some words for my Bleeding Witchblade. But not a whole guide. :slight_smile:

I am sad that I got no offer on the Pet Witchblade :frowning: