A Big Concern: Monster phy-dam in world map may need nerf, for new player experience's sake

:smiley: First, happy to see 1.21 new patch release. Many great changes have been made.

And we know that phyiscal-resistance rebalance is one of the major change.

As quote says, This change was made to narrow the gap between builds capable of stacking excessive amounts of % Physical Resist and those that struggled to get % Physical Resist in the first place. This is cool.

However, about “To compensate, monsters now deal less Physical damage.”, there is an issue.

Image description: Passive bonus of monster from shattered-realm, has -17% damage modifier.


We noticed that monsters in shattered realm now all get -17% damage modifier, and “-110% physical damage” ( which was -65% phy-dam in past version), to make them deal less physical damage.

Image description: Passive bonus of monster from world map, no -17% damage modifier.

But in the word map, those monsters in campaign process, do not get -17% damage modifier. They only get an extra “-65% phy-dam”, which has minor impact on their physical damage.


So the concern is, with player’s physical resistance nerfed so much (seriously weakened we may say that) , and monsters in the world map for new players still have almost same ability to deal phy-dam, New players may caught in trouble, Struggle to handle those physical damage.

For me old players, played for years, this may not be a problem. For newcomers to the Carin-land, could be serious though.

So for new player experience’s sake, please do some balance here. We want more and more new players join and play, better experience they get, better chance they stay with us.

:smiley: Have fun~

The change was proportional. Some of those numbers don’t work the way you think.

Players playing through the campaign are not going to be impacted negatively.

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What I notice during playtest is it is somehow much safer having 8-15% physical resist now, compared to having 20% previously

Benn’jahr is hardly an example of a thing that a new player encounters during the campaign.

Taking some newcomer friends through the campaign and so far nothing egregious has stood out to give them any unreasonable difficulty, even with multiplayer scaling (and me not using a very helpful build :crazy_face:)

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the compensation was more than plenty…
in fact, this patch results as (imo) the 3rd biggest powercreep patch; because enemy phys dmg was lowered so much,
*not counting Celestials and high sr (85+)
to the point you even had weaksauce player me suggest it was lowered too much, but Z was satisfied with the numbers and overall buff to chars/builds it resulted in - more things are viable now than ever before.


:laughing: Thanks, great news to me. Everthing is fine then.

:sunglasses: Cool, “more things are viable now than ever before”, that’s exciting.

0 phys res builds are totally doable now if you compensate with other defences :smile:
*again, not counting celestials and higher SR than 75-76
Z took the opportunity to not nerf Celestials so hard, so they still have ex phys RR (as the sole instance in the game), and increased sunder, so they are a bit rough(er) now for some chars

i level with 200% Warrant so i got Nem spawns already in veteran, chars handled them fine without any “specific levelling phys res attention/armour compensation thereof” or overly defensive setups etc, just the regular way i run chars
act 1 Ultimate Benji spawn (yes doable under new system) also wasn’t really gamebreaking encounter for them
*and new players ofc wont even encounter Nems this earlier since they wont have access to Warrants

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You miss one sheet, the base % Damage for different SR level.
For SR 75, it is another -66% Phys Dmg. This number was also changed in v1.2.1. I’m not sure the accurate number in v1.2.

You can compare the variation of % Damage in page 2. It decreased from 252% in v1.2 to 171% in v1.2.1. For players, the % Dmg is so high that -81% is only a little. But for enemies, it means about 1/4 less (0.81/3.52=23%).

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Not sure if it’s an issue or something wrong with my char (Death Knight, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator) but I got nearly killed by internal trauma dot from an undead elite in the twin falls area, near the shrine. It seems to me that internal trauma hit like a truck, but maybe there’s something wrong with my char. Suggestion to improve it are welcome.

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Was it reflective elite? Also keep in mind all regular skeleton knights can activate their own reflect aura. Internal trauma is especially lethal when reflected

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yes, but apart from using titan plating on helm against reflective damage, I’ve no other idea.

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Yeah there’s not much you can do unfortunately besides just avoiding reflect mobs or popping aether clusters to stop your health melting. It’s always been a problem for phys builds stacking IT but I guess it’s even worse now that our phys res has been reduced across the board


That’s actually another problem. Reflective Heros are always horrible for Physical builds.
Here are some pictures I got in 1.2.1 playtest, using Voldrok Cadence Warlord. I had ~50% Reflect Res.

(9703 Internal per second, 10 seconds remaining.)

(9689 Internal per second, 9 seconds remaining.)


Understood. I leave the decision if this is an issue or not to more experienced players than me, meanwhile popping an aether cluster surely helps to avoid stupid death by standard elite, lol. Thanks, have fun.

Those are crazy dot numbers. And longer duration than aether cluster lol. Getting more than 50% reflect res on a build doesn’t seem easy and clearly even that much isn’t gonna save you. Feels like we need something done now that phys res is lowered. Wonder if Zantai has any ideas for us, I’m not experienced enough to offer solutions



Titan Plating - 33% (х2 =66%)

Uroboruuk’s Anguish or Kymon’s Fury - 10% (х3 = 30%)


Owl - 15%
Autumn Boar - 15%
Crane - 22%
Solemn Watcher - 25%

Serenity - up to 24%
Fleshwarped Bulwark - 50% to Mogdrogen’s Pact
Bulwark of Octavius - up to 28%
Mythical Sigil of the Bear King - up to 18%

Set bonus:

Stonefather - 50%
Nature’s Avenger - 25%
Targo’s Craft - 20%


Rebuke (Oathkeeper) - 5% (1 lvl), 25% (12/20, softcap), 35% (20/20)

Mix whatever you want to 50+ and to 80.

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Apart from Titan Plating, nothing else from that list could be applied to my character (rulewise), for example. And spamming Titan Plating raises other, worse problems elsewhere. Honestly, it feels like reflected physical damage is too punishing, compared to any other reflected damage. This seems unfair to my inexperienced eyes. I’m aware that it’s impossible to create a perfect balance between hundreds of builds, but what’s the point in choosing a physical build if it only has an additional problem compared to any other build?

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Link char’s GT.

If you are playing a dot BD, reflect res is abosolutely important and you need to raise it to over 80.
But non-dot physical BD also suffers high internal reflect, even internal weights only a small part.

Titan Plating is the most flexible and common way to gain reflect res, but others are not as universal.

I heard that monsters in SR did less reflect damage than in campaign (not sure), so this is usually not a big problem and lower reflect res is acceptable in SR.

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