A bleed build suggestion

So… I was curious which two classes to go with for a bleed build that involves using decapitate.

bloodrager warder using either rancor or guillotine was a thing once - i’m sure it can be made to fit in a wee whetstone
avenger obviously wont work because mace, but i guess technically “anything” bloodrager or just avenger minus basher will “work” for bleed, warder or not
and ofc there is also always the lovely bleeding tricksters, which i’m sure could shuffle in whetstone decapitation too along the way

ooo, bleeding tricksters. I’ll go check that out.

Some Bleeding Builds…

I have to look up which of them uses/could use Bloody Whetstone. I am pretty sure I changed Shoot´s Warder a little bit to use it and it was quite nice.