A Disappointment for Pyromancer

when you hear the word “Pyromancer” you think of a Fireball throwing Meteor casting Firewall making GlassCannon who can decimate and disintegrate battle field into ashes with their fire based spells… That overwhelming power to oppose an erupt volcano in devastation turning the very battleground into a piece of inferno… but not in grim dawn… nope… here Pyromancer means either you pewpew with a gun or take a twohanded melee or chaos caster… Where is my Fireball and Firewalls??? i feel cheated for picking this class… i want crate to compensate me for emotionally playing with my expectation by making a new mastery that actually throw fireballs and rename the existing class to something else like Pyromaniac or something… mods won’t do i want an actual official release ( T_T)

there is both fireballs and meteors in GD…

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i don’t see it in pyromancer class skill tree… viable fire caster are in sorcerer class


You could still play Pyromancer as fire caster, there’s few pieces of gear supporting all fire Sigil of Consumption with Destruction, which deals natural fire damage and Blackwater Cocktail. Also Seal of Destruction for fiery spamming skill and you have Pyromancer fire caster, voila.

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fireball you get on component skills, avail to all classes
meteor you get from procs on items or devotion or granted skill ex from Apocalypse necklace

Blazeseer is a good set for Pyro and provides at least a passive Meteors drop.

Anyway, Grim Dawn is not D2 / Titan Quest.


To add to the above, you can do many things of that sort. It won’t be top-tier, but it will perform decently:

  1. You can use typical fire devotions path. Obviously RR needed, but also 2 bombard-types in Ulzin’s torch and Magi. (If you want to get more complicated, you can convert other non-fire devotions for a similar effect.)
  2. There is : Demo Relic Annihilation
  3. There are a number of Demo skills that do fire damage (BWC, mortars, etc).
  4. Conversion can be applied to some occultist skills for big effect, such as Doom Bolt
  5. And lastly, there are a number of applicable weapons/gears/augments with fire explosion/meteors, etc.

you guys don’t want new class???


Grim Dawn’s Pyromancer weaves flame into devilish sigils (Sigil of Consumption -> Destruction) and hellish creatures (Summon Hellhound) whilst bolstering both with arcanery (Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame) and coupling the above with pyrokinetic armaments (Grenado, Canister Bomb, Thermite Mine).

That your expectations of high fantasy do not align with the victorian-era eldritch horror story of Grim Dawn’s setting is a you problem, not one for the game to address.


It’s just a name. Many of the other classes are similar. Does paladin strike you as a gunslinger? Or a rune-exploding maniac?

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exactly… why are the names so misleading???

Crate made it clear long ago that any new mastery would only come with a new expansion. They’ve also made it clear for a long while that there won’t be any more expansions for the game. GD is complete, finished, apart from some balancing patches. Crate are focusing on their other projects.

They aren’t.

I’m just staring at my Pyromancer with two meteor skills and two fireball skills.

Don’t feed the troll, geez.

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But I bought so much troll feed!


Grimtools or it isn’t true

… i literally posted a GT link of a sorc wearing all those items in my second post :man_facepalming:
^you can just repurpose most of it for pyro as arcanist is only adding 1 cast skill

Blazeseer Pyromancer with Meteor Shower, Seal of Destruction skill, and a fireball proc. There.

And forgot Annihilation skill became a proc.

its not a “Pyromancer” now … is it ???