A few beginner's questions

Hi guys,

  1. is attack dmg converted to health worth it in GD? how much shall I aim for? will 3 % make any difference?

  2. is it ok to set loot filter to show only green and above? no white / yellow items?

  3. what would be better mid / end game - buffing my dmg or debuffing the enemy?

  4. what would be the best phys res reduction / in what skill tree? generally, just for futer spec, what are the best resistance reduction skills n the game? flat or %?


  1. ADctH is kinda mandatory for builds focussed on weapon damage. 3% probably won’t break a build, but 3x 3%.
  2. Yes, after a while you will get snowed under with loot. Your milage may vary when it is time to hide magic items.
  3. No idea, where the sweat spot is. You want a bit of both.
  4. You usually take the Assassin’s Blade constallation. In general you can combine any number of -x% resistance effects for the same damage type, but only one -x target’s resistance for n seconds and -x% target’s resistance for n seconds each.
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ok, thank you !

assassin mark proccs on crit hit, my CHC is now 10%, kind of low for the consistent procc.

the duration is like 18s and only needed for bosses

all physical and pierce builds takes this anyway

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ok, then its gonna work I guess, cheers!

BTW, when shall I start Act 7, conclave of the three, I am clvl 27 now and just got access to it?

You can start and do it whenever you want. I like to do the first parts early so I get medal augment for mobility, and then go back and finish it up when I get bored later in the vanilla acts

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Smoothes progression is GD - AoM - FG so keep going in the base game and do that later.

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Imagine not using mobility run asap :slight_smile:

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I never use them at all.


so Act 7 is what DLC?

BTW, this physsical forcewave is pretty cool, malee - not so malee for the 2H weapon, kind of mi range malee/caster, well, I like her.

Forgotten Gods.

Also, answer depends if your build will use any monster infrequent item or not.

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Base game is Acts 1-4, Ashes of Malmouth is Acts 5 and 6, Forgotten Gods is Act 7.

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ok, cheers!

Hmmm, right now I am going with physical forcewave.

So maybe any tips given the above?

and what cult shall I join for the physical forcewave soldier…later to become most probably Warlord. but I have to see the debuffs in all the masteries.

Use grim tools, search item database to see what the faction sells (you can also do this in game).

Use build calculator to see what skills the masteries has.

Just follow the guide I sent you, will save you lots of trouble.

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Warlord :smiley: ok, cheers!

but beginner? you joined here 2014 :stuck_out_tongue:

yeap, it is so long ago I can barely remember

had base game only back then

I took a look at the cults’ gear and for my physical forcewave Solael looks better :smiley: