A few new screenshots to end out June


As if you need the link…

The first shows the aftermath of a freezing blast from some stormguard armor and a strange green skully type thing in a house… wtf is that?

The other two are back to back shots of my demolition mayhem amidst a group of grobles and their dranghoul chieftain.

PS: F-you spellcheck, I can use “amidst” if I want to!

Yea, wtf is that green skully? That freezing blast looks really interesting.

The Grobles look cool, sorta like the WH40 evil little bastards, not the overly cute and sophisticated tinkering ones from Blizzard.

I’m especially a fan of the Dranghoul, it looks really awesome in all its screenshots. I hope it’s tough as nails. The red plusses seems like a good way to communicate to the player what’s happening (I do assume he’s being healed and not being surrounded by deadly red cross-shaped fireflies?).

Nice effects, thanks for the batch of screenies!

Yeah the red pluses are healing effects. In that screen the groble shaman is using chain-heal. When there is more than one shaman, it is extremely hard to kill anything unless you stun / kill the shaman first or unleash a devastating amount of damage at once, which is always an option with demolition. Other classes tend to have to target the shamans.

Let’s get married.

Looking good. Can’t wait as the excitement builds with each screenshot.

looks like fun and Shamans how finally actually heal well is nice to hear. :slight_smile:
Demolition-Class looks like it is tons of fun and throwing Grenades is awesome in any game (marksman-class in Hellgate? huge fun).

One question though: Why is the background that blue? Is it fog? looks a bit weird imo, as if you are playing minecraft on lowest vision-range.

looking really good. Thanks for the explanation of whats going on in the screens, it makes me want the game even more :smiley:

Really cool!

In that last screenshot, what is coming your way from the bottom of the screen? That sword looks enourmous… :eek:

Really love the explosions btw, can’t wait to see all these effects in a video.
Is it some sort of lightning attack in picture no.2? Or is it the shaman’s healing that spreads like a chain lightning between the Grobles?

Thx visual art and sneak peak.
Everything looks AAAAAA+++++!

Keep up brutal indie work power! :slight_smile:

I LOVE this kind of stuff.

Reminds me of the Shamans in Diablo 2 that kept raising the dead while they were offscreen. Fun times! Especially when there were 2-3 shamans. LOL

It is perhaps hard to tell from the screenshot but I’m actually on the side of a hill, so the drop in elevation is making it look like the fog is closer / denser than it actually is. Also, the combination of the swamp environment, a rain storm, and nearing nighttime adds to the density and color of the fog.

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Did the freezing blast trigger a trap in the house?

I’m impressed by the range of the chain-heal. Can we play the monsters, please? :eek: The look tougher. :smiley:

I have the feeling that a new character, upon leaving town for the first time, has about a ten second window before encounting a pack of zombies and being reduced to giblets.


I always thought it was cool that, instead of limiting the player where he goes by placing obstacles everywhere, allow him to go everywhere; but get raped by doing so. Than, once he buffs up a few levels, he can exact vengeance on his nemesis by shoving something up the monster’s something. This is one of the things that made Gothic so great. Ofcourse, entirely different genre, just saying that I don’t mind if areas are “closed off” by tough monsters, rather than closed off by borders.

Nice screenshots! Combat is looking great, and the in-game scenery is looking fantastic as well! Keep the awesome coming.

Also the Dranghoul looks MEAN.

Very nice screenies! Thanks!

Agreed. I somehow like that too.

The screenshots look great! Just as I had hoped – more awesomely colorful spells! :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping the eye-candy on high and I hope you can have a similar level of awesomeness for each and every spell!

Spell effects is likely something I’ll be attempting to make a lot of suggestions on in the Alpha… hope that’s alright! (Of course along with game-play experience!)

really, really, want to play this…


That is all.

ps. Screenies look awesome as usual!

That is really apprediated! Thanks! I so love the tactical gameplay and this kind of tough scenarios!! =)

Medierra, please, tell me there is any kind of healing spell with the same healing indicator! I am always playing healers/supporters in multiplayer games and that would make my day, hehe. =)

This is really awesome idea, I support that! It would be lovely to see this kind of trespassing punishment. =)

Lol, I love the way the big one is flying.

Anyway, I love where the game is aiming, and I am eagerly waiting for beta (this year hopefully). =)