A few things I noticed with the recent .8 update

  • Rats appear to be working now, problem is the rat catcher requires a ton of micromanagement. I am constantly having to send him to different spots to catch a rat. Either the radius of his building should be large and immovable, else he should just freely roam the entire town and if there are too many rats well then you need a second building. Similar to the compost yard.
  • Upgraded hunter lodge has an icon that says “target number of traps not set”. Have tried setting it to 1-4, nothing makes the message go away. Edit: Looks like the icon goes away when enough iron is delivered to produce the selected number of traps. Warning icon is misleading.
  • Selecting a saw pit doesn’t highlight the other saw pits in your town
  • Is automatic building upgrades only for houses? Seems like I have to manually upgrade buildings except for houses when that is turned on, and when turned off there is no other way to upgrade shelters. So… rename the button to automatic shelter upgrade, if there’s no downside?
  • It’s unclear how many wagon shop your town needs. No way of telling when adding more becomes inefficient.

Looking like a great update so far, really enjoying this chill builder.

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  • I was also thinking it’d be nice to have an “auto repair” feature that fixes broken fences or buildings that need maintenance. This is just one of those things that isn’t fun to hunt down and do.

Repairing “broken” things… like trashed by raiders or just in disrepair? If the former then I think the devs said they were looking at making the after-raid report let you cycle through destroyed buildings… unless I’m mixing that up with a request(?)

Would like to see the rat catcher work like the nightsoil collector too; definitely on board with that idea.

Auto-upgrades is housing stock only.

Waggons: if you’ve got waggons just sitting in the shop for any length of time then you’ve got too many! For that moment anyway… how much you’re producing and where the goods are going to and from all play a part and so the only real way of determining the number for your specific town set-up is to build until they sit idle for longer than you like.

Rat catchers need to have cats.

Devs stream of the 8th July 2022

"DarkenedSpear: Another question, are things like pets or animal companions a thing that could happen, either in the game’s current state or in the future?

Zantai: I think it would be pretty cool to have dogs and cats running around town. It’s not currently a feature. And that might be something to consider in the future though. Maybe, we’ll see.

Medierra: WHAT?! you totally shot down my cat system

Zantai: I did totally shoot down your cat system, but that was a mistake. I did tell you that. I was wrong. I was wrong to shoot down the cat system."


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