A how-to on getting loot efficiently on solo play + advice on levelling

Couldn’t agree more. It’s your game, you should play it how you will.

I apologise if I wrote it in a manner which made you feel targeted, I just wanted to create a platform on which other vets can share theirs tips/tricks for conquering cairn with less experienced players.

One question while running SoT: are you rushing straight to Alkamos, check every corner or do something in between?


You know the rooms which lock behind you and spawns a bunch of things to kill and has a little chest when done?

I would clear those then rush to alkamos.

Couple of mine base tricks:

  1. If u start the game and leaving the bridge there is a lore in crossing upstairs that u can see and u can get. This give u 75% xp with lokkar 100%. (Glitch) U don’t have to go without skill right away.

  2. If u go left or up there is a boot, where some lvl 5 6 mobs and a lore again that gives u 6 7 lvl.

  3. Portal trick: This works perfecty if u sure u won’t die. Best example. U want to take the SoT shrine but u don’t want to run back from broken hills or from sot. U place tp before u go for sot and take smuggler past portal. U go back via portal to ur tp. This works with everything.

  4. This is obvius. If u have cruci, u take the first rift in camping, u will be 4 lvl. Go to cruci and get the first 10 devo, u will be mid lvl 20 . Now the mobs won’t give u any xp in act 1 mostly. The only reason where u have to stop is where is a hero or quest. If u reach Underground transit there are 2 spot where are a lot of mobs. (Where zomies pop out from the earth + many aether crystal.) That’s where u can kill and u can get 1 or 2 lvl. Before kireg there is another one with hero that’s a great spot too. +1 Before the underground transit there is the house where is a lot of xp too, but this works better for those whoes are only playing campaing.

I do the chamber of souls and then go straight to Alkamos. Kill heroes and moosie if they are in the way. Igor the eternal I only kill if path to last level is blocked.

You can actually skip Act 1 by just building the bridge with your own iron bits. :smiley:

I’ve also edited the OP to include suggestions made by the vets

The goal of levelling any build is to get it to level 94 asap, and to have it be able to efficiently farm loot during and after that process.

Well, I have 400 hours into the game and havent reached 94 with any char. I think leveling is more fun than having them at max level.

I always kill Ilgor,stash area and also search for Moosi if he spawns.If you need Solael pants you can do him and combine with SoT,cause it’s almost in your path.

Different folks, different strokes.

I think it’s reasonable to assume that most crafters here enjoy the challenge of creation more than the game itself.

I guess that is kinda the natural step once you have played a handful of builds from start to finish - you start to dig deeper into the theory. And with limited time left to actual play - you start to get either super serious on how to maximize time spent in game or go to GD stash

My self I always have one legit build in progress in leveling up but instead of doing it the 100% most efficient way I try to make something new each time - like try to level up with a skill I haven’t use that much yet in any of my end-game builds for instance. It just keeps the game fresh for me I guess.

Most of my theorycrafting and build making is devoted into making budget mid-tier builds with faction gear etc

That’s the beauty of GD. You can play it however you want. I never have, nor never will, tell someone else that they are playing GD ‘wrong.’

OP is aimed at talking about efficiency, not ‘how you should play the game.’ :slight_smile:

Personally, I just rush it using Alkamos Scythe + Riftstone to continually jump to targets. I’ll kill Moos on the way, maybe get the Trove when it’s on the way, and also do the main Bone Coffer room (early on floor 4). Alkamos’ chest is just too good to deviate much for.

That’s a great suggestion. Stacking mobility skills to get from place A to B before swapping back to your main weapon. Will add it to the OP later.

Thanks potato!

Before you do that:
Aren´t these skills dropped in FG because of Runes?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have to do SR to get these runes. might take awhile. Besides, 1 point into blitz, SS, vire’s might, etc. can go a long way. :slight_smile:

Okay…just want to mention it. :wink:

One thing you might add:

Don´t throw away/sell even green items if there are no MI. Think about the “Now”, not the future.

For example:
I have a Lvl 94 Bloodletter´s Redeemer Pants of Vitality. 1045 flat Health, 6 % Health and 5 % OA. Yes, not skill modifiers and “only” Bleeding Resistance but if you can cap Resistances otherwise, these pants are great for leveling.

Yeah I often give advide that green items are often better than blue and purples until one can craft higher tier components and are revered with enough factions to fix resistances

Aren’t items dropped as green depending on the affixes?