A Little Story You Might Enjoy

So It’s my birthday on the 7th. My boyfriend has been struggling to get me a gift. It doesn’t bother me (I don’t really feel the need for gifts) but it bothers him.

Now for this story to make sense you need to understand that my work shift starts at 3am and ends at about 7.15am due to an injury I have currently. I go to bed around 5pm to match my awkward working hours. My boyfriend however goes to bed at 3am and get’s up at like 3pm cos he’s unemployed and still lives like a student.

So back to the story, the boyfriend doesn’t know what to get me. When the news of AoM coming out on the 11th released, I of course told him. I’ve been waiting for the expansion since they first mentioned it. I love the game and I’m super duper hyped. His response was “don’t buy it, I will buy it for your birthday”.

This is where my nerdiness let me down.

I immediately start to panic. There’s no pre-order so I would have to wait until 3pm to start downloading it, and then have next to no time to play before I had to go to bed for work. My boyfriend isn’t living with me right now, so I can’t force him awake earlier. This would mean I’d have to wait a whole extra 24 hours to play. My panic rises. Immediately I start explaining to him while I am grateful, I’d rather he didn’t buy the expansion for me. That I don’t need a gift from him, after all he has no income right now anyway.

He didn’t back down though! He kept insisting that he was going to buy it for me and he would be upset if I didn’t let him. So now I feel guilty as hell, but not guilty enough to let my Grim Dawn addiction wane. I HAVE to play it on release day. So I proceeded to steam to look at other games I possible could be interested in that weren’t like £40+. After finding some (that are cheaper than the GD expansion too) I suggest them to him in a “I really want to play these too, and they are more to your budget” kind of way.

At this point he starts pissing himself laughing. He admits that he was just winding me up about making me wait for the expansion just to get some gift tips from me. He said he’d never actually make me wait for something he knows I’m addicted to, and was just screwing with me.

So now I feel completely and utterly played (props to him I guess), also like the biggest jerk and massive Grim Dawn addict. This is what your game has done to me Crate! He’s still laughing at me now saying he wont get me anything as I told him I’d rather he didn’t get me anything over making me wait for the expansion.

I’m such a terrible person. I hope atleast this may have brought a smile to somebody else’s face other than his. Maybe some of you can relate. Maybe it’s just me who’s a jerk.

It’s an amazing story, ty for sharing. Don’t worry too much, i would panic too if i couldn’t have the expansion the very second it’s released.

I feel a little less bad now that this has your approval.

I’m glad I’m not alone. I haven’t been this hyped for a game/expansion since WotLK for WoW back when I was like 13 years old.

The concept feels unfamiliar, alienlike to me, since I never met girls like you in real life. Why panic over something so trivial? Why worry, if it’s his choice afterall?
However, I still must salute your BF fro being a caculating cunning bastard that he is. Amazing work right there, would personally shake his hand.

Well I do suffer from an anxiety disorder so maybe that is what caused the initial panic to begin with? I can’t say for sure, but panic over trivial things is pretty much the story of my life.

I know it’s ridiculous and if it was any other game I would have just let him buy it and waited. I just have been so hyped about Grim Dawn in general since I first played it in early access. He actually told me not to buy the game that early because it probably won’t be any good. So Ha! I showed him by making it my most played game on steam by a mile.

Yeah I know ok. I’m being a jerk though.

It’s understandable somewhat now, at least. But you should really up your self-esteem, though. It’s ok to panic now, but in the future you must preserve your good health, especially if things are so trivial. Try to be calm and more collected.
Long ago, my GF was someone like this, I suppose. She would get uncomfortable even on Skype while talking to other people. Hehehe…I worked on her for many months…it proved successful.

Nah, not really. It’s part of a dynamic relationship, so props to ya.

Oh don’t worry I am working on that, with his help. In the past I wouldn’t have even made such a post about this that made me look like a fool. Now i’m atleast able to laugh at myself after the fact and realise I’m being ridiculous. Sadly though, as with all mental health issues, at that moment in time, it feels completely different.

My Ex Girlfirend is the same way… she had 4 Horror Days in the Year: My Birthday, Christmas, our Anniversary and Valentines Day. Every. Single. Year. she totally freaked out if one of these days came closer because she allways wanted to give me THE PERFECT GIFT (thunder and lightning in the background). I allways said the same: Ey Cupcake dont break your Beautifull head over this topic (again). All i need is to spend some time with you (i basicly had everything i wanted… games, consoles/Pc, a car, a job, a big TV Screen and the list is much longer). Maybe it didnt help that i was basicly the perfect asshole on such days allways coming up with crazy romantic shit that made her melt because i was soooooooooo sweeeeeeet (i quoted her) :stuck_out_tongue:

Later i guided her into directions so she stopped to freak out so hard :cool:

Well this is just a game forum so i wouldn’t take things so seriously. More in general everyone i know, myself included, is weird someway. Are we sure “normal” people exist at all?

Haha I should to but there’s genuinely nothing I want. I already bought myself a switch with Zelda because it was too much from one person and all my family are just giving me money towards that/towards moving out. He already got me a charm for my bracelete years ago which I wear every day and cherish. I don’t need or want anything else from him object wise. it would be nice if he could fly down for the day but I’d much rather he focused on finding work, so then we could afford to live together. I’d rather his money went towards that then any object he could get me.

I’d be over the moon if he woke up before midday just to call me and wish me a happy birthday to be honest. Wont happen though! Lol.

According to the data psychologists gathered not long ago, there are only 10 percent of people in the world, which can be considered normal.
All others have some type of deviation from the common path, be it their hobby or some kind of fetish even.

Well yeah, there’s always Bob the neighbor. Always smiling at you no matter the situation or time. Whether he is looking at you whilst watering his plants or cleaning his car or even when he is staring at you through your window at 3 in the morning. He is always smiling. Good chap

I believe in psychology as i believe in rabdomancy. Edit: No i don’t believe in rabdomancy.

Yeah but what’s the criteria for being “normal”? Who’s opinion decided this?

I dont belive in “normal” outside of the “social norm”. To be honest, while having the mental health disabilities I have do cause me great issues in life, I’m glad I’ve atleast had to experience some hardship and “abnormality”. I’ve had to work hard for every moment in my life, even just walking to the shops on my own has been a challenge and a personal achievement. Somebody who’s had everything handed to them because they are “normal” or “perfect” has no real idea of what hard work truly feels like, or how rewarding it is when you accomplish something which caused you great trouble.

There are genuine psychologists out there, though. Too much generalization will bring you to ruin, despair. You will beg for your li…wait, wrong one.
Anyway, I actually believe the study. Our world is crazy enough for these statistics to work. I very much doubt most of people on this forum to be normal as well.

In all seriousness, you are correct, those who do not step outside of social norm, those who accept the flow of life, those who are basically a grey goo on the map are fairly normal.
Any deviations from this is an anomaly.

At some point a branch of philosophy with strong speculative basis became an exact science on the basis of which they can cure people.

There are different branches of said science as well. Besides, we are not living in ancient times anymore, psychology has a lot of research done in recent years, many were breakthrough-level.

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