A March Forgotten

I don’t think much needs to be said here…

I’ll let the…TRAILER do the talking!


First to comment!


Release the Date!!!

Oh your God, there’s an expansion coming?!

Kidding, love those environments, can’t wait to explore them

:open_mouth: looks sick


Absolutely stunning! That fight on the bridge and the landscape right after that. Great visuals, very nice and well paced trailer. And the voice at the end… Korvaak? Awesome job, Crate!

Very nice.

Hell, it’s about time to get back to GD :smiley:

N i c e wow!!

Hell yeah! :cool:

Inb4 el critico

You guys are the best!
Looks like an absolute masterpiece of an expansion!


Holy Mother of Korvaak

That is really looking phenomenal! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait, release me of my burden!

When I saw it, I thought it’ll hype me, at least a little bit, but when I watched it, it kinda didn’t even slightly touch me. People overhyped it too much… Fuck.

I blame everyone who was so horny about this expansion. And Zantai, because why not.

Sourpuss :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you get to better feeling after you start playing it.

If I even will buy it, lmao. :smiley:

If this doesnt hype you at all, well what can i say man :slight_smile: you are made of stone
I saw all the devstreams to this day and i know most of the things they add and I cant wait

I don’t think it is overhyped whatsoever. I suspect it will be a better addition than AoM was to the base game.