A personification of storm ( - the rise of Druid (EVERYTHING+)

TSS is vastly better than forcewave. Between Olexra’s FF and TSS you have all you need for levelling.

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Loving your guide as well!
My druid collected all the items (besides Magi Rings :P) now but I’m missing the perfect MI rolls.

“Usually, it takes 2-3 hours”

I’m also not quite understanding this…is it really that “easy” two get the 2 green pre- and suffixes you want?
I thought they are quite rare. Okay, 3h of Rolderathis farming could work, but alone the path to Watcher Brandis for the belt seems so long and annoying lol. But there is no way around than killing him over and over again until you get exactly what you need?

Nope its all about luck.
Don’t try to get exactly those affixes. Remove all armor augments and belt affixes and see what the build “needs”. Then get like 10 belts and see if you can cover resistances with armor augments with some of the belts you have found.


Another question - why use 2x of that ring? I’m not arguing against it, but someone had suggested to use something like this instead: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2ggRM72

This way, some of the gear is much more farmable and is able to get more use from Overload and Oak Skin. What do you think about this setup vs. yours? Have you played around with this idea? That way TSS is still overcapped but you will get more use from those 2 skills. It is also able to squeeze in roughly 400 more OA/100 more DA. But then, I am not entirely sure what he sacrifices in his build apart from like 50% stun resist. Was never that good at ARPG theorycrafting. Courtesy of u/Purlpo from the Grim Dawn subreddit


If you want a heal-based druid, I would recommend this one [] The Dryad's Apprentice - Heal-based Trozan Druid

How the gear is much more farmable if you have <2700 DA even with stalwart of readiness ring?

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Thank you for pointing this out. I was not trying to condescend in my original post, by the way - just trying to figure out for myself which was the better route. I am glad you showed me what I would lose going with that setup over yours. Again, not so good with theorycrafting myself in ARPGs. Cheers!

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Dropping Ghoul and Bat, grabbing Viper and switching Widow for Murmur frees 4 poins to grab Blizzard from Amatok, for some extra sweet orbital bombardment. It’s squishy as hell, but Unlife, Giant and Mirror give enough breathing room to kite away. Frankly, I’m not even sure what Ghoul or Bat do for a build like that. Meanwhile, Blizzard feels just so right.

Edit: nvm, I keep forgetting about Hand of Ultos. Still. Can’t recommend Blizzard enough for glass cannon.

One other question: when crafting gear for this build, what smith do you guys use?

craft for stun res

That’s Kaylon, in Steelcap District, right? According to wiki he’s the only smith that you can craft for reduced stun duration, if that is what you mean

Can you explain why casting speed is considered a priority? It doesn’t affect the totems or the anubar rings, and this is a CDR build so I would have thought “Of Falling Skies” or “Of Torrents” would be better in the off-hand.

The animation speed on cooldown skills is still effected by cast speed. For a lot of people, if it’s too low, then it feels clunky or sluggish to play with.

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I’ve heard this noted… how much of a difference does it effectively make? What would you consider to be the “minimum” CS for a CDR caster? I ask also because I’m trying to balance belts - I’m trying to consider the procs and cons of a Mythical Arcanoweave Cord vs boosting cast speed even faster with Stalwart Chains of Ygraad of the Gildam Arcanum sitting in the bank.

Chains of brandis are bis here due to vitality->lightning convertion (to convert vitality damage from bat in devotions)

Always depends on the build-main problem with CS here is because there’s no CS on trozan set, but for tss druid such cs is enough (ofc it would be great if devs could add some cs to trozan’s starkeeper)

This tss druid is the most effective tss build ever, i guess

How is this in

Should be same as it was before. Going off of memory, none of the items the build uses have been significantly hit (if they were even touched at all) by the last couple of patches.

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Looks like a fantastic build, so I’m looking forward to using it! Thanks :slight_smile:

Unlisted video from Dmt’s channel. 6:14 naked crucible run. Patch Sadly no GT attached.

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Druid, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator GT link from a comment reply in the video if anyone wants it