A personification of storm ( - the rise of Druid (EVERYTHING+)

I love storms. The sound of thunder.
The peal of rain. Lightning as it flashes, again and again.
It reminds me that man should respect nature, and not fight against it.

Hello, boys’n girls! Here we go with one of my the oldest and most favorite build. After a long way of balancing, Druid now might take own place in the sun. Easy for leveling and gearing, fun and strong for endgame. All in all, Iove this build so much :heart: Update: a couple of players from our discord made some variations of Druid, and it made me to look again at my old Trozan build (with some advice from @mad_lee). Atm it’s one of the highest DPS spec, and I don’t know what might be improved further.

:zap: Grimtools (current spec) :zap:
:zap: Grimtools (old spec, also possible) :zap:

*Permabuffs only

All the gear used is kind the BiS, no need to change smth, though you may look at possible alternatives:


  1. Until you don’t use the same setup I provide with GT link, I’n not in charge of miscellaneous failures.
  2. Until you don’t use the same setup I provide with GT link, you prob need different augments/components.
  3. Green offhand and belt are necessary. However, obtaining optimal suffix/affix is sometimes easier than farm legendary items. Usually, it takes 2-3 hours.


Variant without MI rings


Kiting skill dependent caster. Spam your offensive skills, watch for defensive cooldowns and keep the distance. The more you learn how to pilot, the better output you get from the build. The most dangerous enemies for the build are chargers or stunners, however it’s noticeable only in high SR.
Be especially careful with:

Build’s performance

Old vids:

Useful links


your gt link is empty.


I saw Bird in the Title. I did not see any birds in the build.

0/10 Birbs, literally unplayable.


2 things bug me:

  • your medal: you chose it for the OA and the tribal damage ?
  • your pierce resistance isn’t capped. You kite a lot but it would mean less damage taken and then less skill to play :stuck_out_tongue:

Medal alternatives: Ludrigan for another proc. Tempest Sigil (epic) for more points in Star Pact.

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Pierce res means nothing, only Fabius deals some pierce damage, but he is not a problem at all:p
Medal for OA, aether res and racial damage


A lot of Nemesis have some sort of pierce damage, the Iron Maiden, KupaCabana, Reaper and other bosses like Lokarr and the Mad Queen.

Your aether resistance is already well over-capped.

Hey,Dmt you are on fire!When I posted my Druid,I said is forgotten class,but now I am happy to see the classic re-created.Interesting idea about cataclysm,boots are helping with kiting,like these rings.Just curious about the medal,you get it for OA and racial bonus is it worth it?

Nice take on a classical build.

I remember I have posted a similiar spec in our discord not so long ago, but it was cold focused: here it is.

Yours look kind of better damage-wise on paper, but I am not sure. Lightning should be better than Cold for casting.

I would recommend trying this new medal and also investing more in Star Pact. But overall, I am impressed! Nice twist!

Nice Trozan remake. Cataclysm is BiS, no doubt. And imo good choice of medal. Nothing else gives aether and pierce res with a bunch of useful stats (beast racial rules)

I’d only give up on that da augment and cap pierce/chaos res. Imo more important than 30 more da. And maybe use one Kymon’s Will.

cool build mate…

its funny that even as a guide maker you are surprised by tss power :wink:

lots of questionable choices here or there but build works as it seems.

more guides always better

Only pierce res is needed on this, aether is over-capped already. I’d trade racial damage for +3 star pact (%cdr).

I forgot to mention in my first post: nice idea of TSS + Cataclysm, and nice build :slight_smile:

I believe I can make a little tweaks for pierce

It is worth, the builds dps depends on crits, so the more OA -> more procs -> more damage

Not a mate:D
Actually the TSS itself is a piece of crap and deals very little damage:rolleyes:

Thanks! Classic never dies!

With such cdr additional 2% isn’t a big deal
I posted this concept in our discord 6-7 months ago. Me, you and John Smith polished it alltogether, but in the end I decided to go for lightning spec 'cause there is much more lightning damage theт cold

Kymon’s Will works with non WD skills?

Huge thanks to our great Medea Fleecestealer for renaming the thread:)
Now it has more appropriate title:cool:

Dmt, nice build!
BTW, do you remember my devotion setup for full focused lightning builds? Did you try it to unleash the true power? :wink:

well, i wish i could say ‘sure if you say so’, but in different builds single TSS can drop any nemesis or mq hp by %25-40 after small RR’s applied…

ill just drop a legit ‘sure’ here :rolleyes:

More you can get - better it scales. 2% is pretty big imo.