GD Acronym and Abbreviation List

Please reply with acronym or abbreviation discussions and reply with anything I missed. I don’t know all of them, but learning about them is what this thread is for!
I’ll update the original post with new suggestions.

If you want to look up an abbreviation you’ve heard, try pressing Ctrl+F (that will in most browsers open the search function) and type it out, then hit Enter. You’ll be pointed to the first entry which matches your search.
Mind you that some abbreviations depend on context. For example, PB usually refers to Phantasmal Blades, but can sometimes refer to Pneumatic Burst.

List of commonly used acronyms and abbreviations for Grim Dawn.

These are often found in other games, especially other ARPGs

ARPG - Action Role Play Game

SP - Singleplayer
MP - Multiplayer

SC - Softcore
HC - Hardcore

LMB - Left Mouse Button
RMB - Right Mouse Button

DMG - Damage
DpS - Damage per Second
DpH - Damage per Hit
DoT - Damage over Time: Internal Trauma, Burn, Frostburn, Electrocute, Vitality Decay, Bleeding etc.
AoE - Area of Effect: Damage/Effects covering an area, opposite of single target
CC - Crowd Control: Stuns, freezes, slows, blinds, confusion etc.
CD - Cooldown
CDR - Cooldown reduction

PtH - Probability (Chance) to Hit
Crit - Critical Hit
CHC - Critical Hit Chance
CHD - Critical Hit Damage
RNG - Random Number Generator: Anything chance-based, often associated with drop luck
Proc - Programmed Random Occurrence: Chance on attack/crit/being hit

Pot - Health/Mana Potion
EQ - Equipment Item: Any item that can be worn
BiS - Best in Slot: Best EQ for a build in its slot

SnB | S&B - Sword and Board: A build that utilizes a one handed meele weapon and a shield.

Mod - Modifier/Modification: Can refer to either a third-party modification of the game, a skill modifier or a % damage modifier

Grim Dawn:
Grim Dawn specific abbreviations not commonly found in other games (with a few exceptions)

GD - Grim Dawn
AoM - Ashes of Malmouth expansion
FG - Forgotten Gods expansion

MC - Main Campaign as opposed to doing Crucible or Shattered Realm
OA - Offensive Ability: The higher your OA vs. enemy DA, the higher your PtH and CHC
DA - Defensive Ability: The higher your DA vs. enemy OA, the lower the enemy PtH and CHC
RR - Resistance Reduction: Here’s a spreadsheet that explains the different types of RR well:
SSF - Solo Self Found: Using only items found by that paticular character rather than stuff collected by other characters and put in the transfer stash
(%)WD - (%) Weapon Damage: Skills can have %WD on them, which makes them deal the amount of flat damage you gain through gear, skills and devotion, to the given percentage.

WPS - Weapon Pool Skill: Skills that do not replace the basic attack, but can proc off of anything that is a basic attack or basic attack replacer.

Phy(s) - Physical or Physique
Trauma - Internal Trauma
Ele - Elemental or Elementalist
Vit - Vitality

Res - Resistance
ADctH - Attack Damage converted to Health: % Weapon damage heals for a %ADctH of the damage dealt - this is not the same as life leech

BoC - Bastion of Chaos: Ch’thonic Dungeon in Act 4
SoT - Steps of Torment: Undead Dungeon in Act 2
Port | PV - Port Valbury: Aetherial Dungeon in Act 3
SR - The Shattered Realm: Endless dungeon in the Forgotten Gods expansion

Benny - Benn’Jarr, the Collosal
Zant - Zantarin, the Eternal
Log - Loghorrean, the Voice of Ch’thon
Moosi - Moosilauke, the Chillwind
MQ - Rashalga, the Mad Queen

Leg - Legendary
MI - Monster Infrequent: Occasionally, enemies can equip certain items that will drop when they die. These items are known as Monster Infrequents and can be extremely powerful with the right affixes.
MoD - Mark of Divinity
VoS - Vortex of Souls
(E)WoF - (Empowered) Will of Fate: An epic 2h gun that pierces much like VoS
Tremor - Obsidian Tremor: Skill granted by Obsidian Juggernaut
GFB - Greater Fireblast: Skill granted by Flintcore Bolts
SoB - Shard of Beronath

Mastery combinations:
Ele - Elementalist (Demolitionist + Shaman) or Elemental
Sabo - Saboteur (Demolitionist + Nightblade)
Sorc - Sorcerer/Sorceress (Demolitionist + Arcanist)
WH - Witch Hunter (Occultist + Nightblade)
WB - Witch Blade (Soldier + Occultist)
BM - Blademaster (Soldier + Nightbalde)
BaMa - Battlemage (Soldier + Arcanist)
Pyro - Pyromancer (Demolitionist + Occultist)
Vindi - Vindicator (Inquisitor/Shaman)

MA - Markovian Advantage
ZT - Zolthan’s Technique

Demo - Demolitionist:
FS - Fire Strike
BwC - Blackwater Cocktail

Occu - Occultist:
DEE - Dreeg’s Evil Eye
CoF - Curse of Fraility
SoC - Sigil of Consumption
BoD - Blood of Dreeg

NB - Nightblade:
ABB - Amarasta’s Blade Burst
LA - Lethal Assault
SS - Shadow Strike
NJE - Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends
NHH - Nidalla’s Hidden Hand
PB - Phantasmal Blades / (rare) Pneumatic Burst
BB - Blade Barrier
RoS - Ring of Steel
AQC - Amastra’s Quick Cut

Arca - Arcanist:
AAR - Albrecht’s Aether Ray
PRM - Panetti’s Replicating Missile
OFF - Olexra’s Flash Freeze
CT - Callidor’s Tempest
IEE - Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange
TSS - Trozan’s Sky Shard
Mirror - Mirror of Eroctes
Maiven - Maiven’s Sphere of Protection

PS - Primal Strike
WD - Wind Devil

FoI - Flame of Ignaffar
RoH - Rune of Hagarrad
RoK - Rune of Kalastor
WoP - Word of Pain
WoR - Word of Renewal
SBoE - Storm Box of Elgototh

DE - Drain Essence

Aegis - Aegis of Menhir
EoR - Eye of Reckoning
Guardians/Scions/bois - Guardians of Empyrion
RF - Righteous Fervor
VM - Vire’s Might

TD - Time Dilation


Here’s one you forgot… proc

Thanks, added. :slight_smile:

dph - damage per hit

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Added - and from now on I won’t reply every single time I add something u___u I’ll just silently add it as soon as I read about it.

adcth … too long for an abbreviation? … it means attack damage converted to health, but i read it somewhere on this forum :smiley:

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CC - Crowd Control
Bis - Best in slot
RNG - Random number generator

health/mana pot - health /mana potion

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Sticking this in hopes that it becomes very complete.

Atm, PtH probability to hit is the only thing I can think of to add.

But I am always happy to see these types of community generated threads.

PtH? Wow, I’ve never heard that one before, but it’s added anyway.

I’ve only really played Arcanist, Occultist and Nightblade, so my knowledge on mastery-specific abbreviations is rather limited. Would especially appreciate some help there.

Also, I’m thinking about linking to the game guide and advanced mechanics posts instead of putting explanations after the full term.

PTH or rather the mechanic behind it is explained here:

A few corrections.

-> Blackwater Cocktail is more commonly referred to as BwC and not BC.
-> ZT - Zolhan’s Technique to be added to Soldier.
-> OA and DA also should be added, a lot of newbies have no idea what it means.

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Thanks for the list, man. Really useful for beginners.

Thanks for the useful list.

You may want to add “RR” Resistance Reduction, as I saw it in one thread and had to ask about it.

u might also add WTF…

its often used by whiners especially when devs nerf their op builds to obsolescence. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still a new player (started in December) and quite often I have trouble associating Class name with what they represent. Might be a good idea since I guess this is more directed toward helping newcommer to actually add

WH = Witchunter (Occultist + Nightblade)

BM can be both Blademaster and Battlemage.

Yeah, but since Battlemages are so rare, it’s usually Blademaster. Still I’ve added it. (And noted it’s rare.)

Good idea, done! Thanks. ^^

One that could be added: MI - Monster Infrequent

You could probably add Leg/Legs here for Legendary gear. It’s a fairly common abbreviation around these parts.