Invoking the elements ( - the all-mighty Sorceress (EVERYTHING+)

Magic doesn’t come from talent. It comes from pain.

Hello everyone! Coming back after a break with a couple of new builds. I’m a big fun of Trozan’s Sky Shard skill. However, I haven’t touched Iskandra at all after the rework. It was difficult to make smth new after the great Iskandra builds by @Plasmodermic and @thejabrixone. The decision was to go for Seru+Sage full tri-elemental spec with massive % damage to all of the elements (above 3000% with spirit bonus)

:zap: Grimtools :zap:

*Permabuffs only

All the gear used is kind the BiS except boots (affixes/prefixes are variable):

  1. Until you don’t use the same setup I provide with GT link, I’n not in charge of miscellaneous failures.
  2. Until you don’t use the same setup I provide with GT link, you prob need different augments/components.


Super aggressive glass cannon caster (just like in old times). There are no DoTs, regen or fat armor, but only heavy nukes with massive crits and your skill. Timing and positioning is everything here.

Build’s performance

Useful links

@Zantai, TSS feels a bit overnerfed honestly. Just look at the build. It has more than 3000% to every element + double T3 elemental devotions + 3500 OA with massive crit bonus. Such offensive stats should give better damage output as soon as TSS isn’t the most convenient skill to play with. But in fact, it’s slower than AAR even after the nerfs :frowning_face:


That one might be my fault due to all the TSS builds I made prenerf. I think TSS is in a pretty fine spot at the moment honestly. If not then Zantai could just nerf AAR again… Am I joking? I’m not sure.

As for the build I think 19/12 Star Pact is non negotiable. It looks good otherwise.


Lol, I just argued with @banana_peel in discord on that. Personally I didn’t feel literally any difference between 45 and 48 CDR. So I dropped 6 points from Star Pact for better OA and more % fire damage.

You probably wouldn’t notice the difference between 0% and 3% either but that doesn’t mean it isn’t helping

I told her like a gazillion times! But otherwise - good sorc, played it myself, can confirm.

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Okay, now I feel like I must to test it again :laughing:

Nice Sorc, both build and piloting are impressive!

I will skip commenting on Star pact :smile:

Tbf the difference between 0% and 3% is twice as lower as the difference between 45% and 48%.

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DMT, which one do you like more in general: this one or Druid TSS? How do they compare in terms of Crucible, Shatterered Realm and Callagadra/Crate?

Over nerfed
What timeline is this?

4³⁰ timeline

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5 minutes is considered below average for a good pilot, glass canon build especially.

That’s why I shouldn’t play Crucible. :sweat_smile:

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I dont know who you are, but please untie real Dmt from radiator.


I told “overnerfed” before the run! Doesn’t count :rofl:
But srsly I expected better time for such stats

Sorceress has more defensive options, and Iskandra is a better set than Trozan. But, in the end, I like Druid more

Thanks, personally i can stand the look of purple TSS :frowning:

TSS Warlock be like

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Embrace The Power Of The Dark Side!

Got this finest run with crit dmg mod, also change the build a bit, updated GT in the guide


So it goes