Inquisition has arrived ( - GODLIKE Ulzuin build (EVERYTHING+)

Kill the mutant.
Burn the heretic.
Purge the unclean.

Hello everyone! Today I want to share my favorite build. Actually, the build is an evolution of my bi elemental grenadier. I have been playing this Purifier for a long time already and might say - this is one of the strongest builds you’ve ever seen clearing all the content that Grim Dawn may provide. :smiling_imp:

:zap: Grimtools :zap:

*Permabuffs + Word of Renewel. DPS shown is Stormfire.

Leveling advice

  1. I recommend leveling with lightning. Only having all 55 devotions points you take second RR. Go for Rhowan’s Crown via Quill and Hawn, then for Widow. Go for Watcher, you should take Eel for this, don’t forget to drop it. DO NOT go for Harp or Hyrian at this stage. This way needs 29 points (example);
  2. Go for Ultos. Since Ultos is t3 devotion, it levels up much slower then t2 or t1 constellations. Still do not touch Harp or Hyrian. With 42 poitns you should have this;
  3. Go for second RR, Hyrian and Harp. You need to do some take-drop manipulations fr this, though.

Example of leveling by @adoomgod:

Personally I would recommend two ways of leveling:

  1. Autoattacking with Demolition and ranged;
  2. Inquisitor caster with Word of Pain and Box + bounded Fiend.

All the gear used is kind the BiS, no need to change smth, though you may look at possible alternatives:

  1. Until you don’t use the same setup I provide with GT link, I’n not in charge of miscellaneous failures.
  2. Until you don’t use the same setup I provide with GT link, you prob need different augments/components.


Aggressive caster. Build fights in melee range. In crucible nothing can stop you. In SR you might shit all over the aggroabuse until SR 80 if there is no nasty combo. When going higher, pay attention to your positioning and defensive cooldowns. You need some time to learn hit’n run gameplay as well as skills rotation.

Build’s performance

Useful links

@Zantai, please no more nerfs to Ulzuin or this Cyclone pieces. Though the build has insane amount of damage (2500% fire + 2900% lightning), DPS loss after latest patches is very noticeable. Example: Crate time kill increased by 40 sec, it’s about 50% longer. The problem with Ulzuin sorcerer/s lays in high CDR + Eternity relic. Though nerfing relic would have hurt Druids a lot. So, maybe its time to add something like fire->cold conversion on the Starpact, idk.


Strong build, congrats!

Interesting use of Cyclone, this time you opt for this medal and not Kymon. OA looks low, but deadly aim compensate for it. Energy is usually tight but I assume Spelldrinker absorb helps in some situations.

Btw can you imagine volcano erupts lightning bolts! :astonished:

OA is pretty OK with Harp and Deadly Aim proc, also DA shredd on Flashbang. You know, this build melted Reaper at SR 87 in ~13 seconds, lol :grinning:

If I only had more points in Devos, I would take Magi :heart:

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Nice build. Cyclone off-hand rules on demo. But…

…might have been a little exaggerated, no?

Not really, the build is super reliable. Though, it heavy depends on the hit’n run skill. Fighting 2-3 enemies at one time isn’t a problem and, before my YT channel went down :sob::sob::sob:, I have had a vid of full 75-80 run.
@ya1 PMed you

@dmt: Lovely build as always, me pretty <3

Some questions/suggestions:

  1. I moved 2 points from BS, and one from vigor to word of renewal for more DA and damage reduction. I don’t think 16/12 BS is worth it as you don’t get an increase in max res.

  2. Interesting choice using hyrian…is it really better than more damage absorption from things like phoenix? You even get more crit damage, and more devotion points too. Crab is another devotion I’d seriously consider as well

Hi, thanks for the build :slight_smile:
I’m a new player in GD and i don’t understand all the game mechanics, so sorry for my question ^^
I don’t understand why do you take “Concussive Bomb” ? Is it for Pierce damage (considered like physical ?) or/and for trauma damage ?

PS : sorry for my poor english i’m french :stuck_out_tongue:

It converts the pierce, physical and internal trauma damage of canister bomb and improved casing to lightning and electrocute, because the gear has lightning and fire bonuses, not physical or pierce, so this way the skill can benefit from the damage bonuses of the gear.

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@Pappaboy Thx a lot :slight_smile:

Glad you have finally posted it! Very strong Purifier, great job!

Glad I finally get to see your version! Mine is a bit different devotion wise, but same idea though I don’ get how you get your fire/lightning numbers so much higher than mine xD

Did you try bi elemental mortar/canister as well? I quite liked the one I made with torch/tempest for maximum sky is falling gameplay :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for late answer. Been missing :yum:

Current build. I believe its optimal in terms of skill points. The only thing is to rearrange vigor and WoR maybe.

Hyrian is a perfect choice for bi/tri elemental builds. Passive AoE with weapon damage, and the constellation itself gives 90% elemental, 10% armor and 8% increased healing effects. Hyrian is waaaay underestimated

I have a separate build with mortars, still learn to pilot it though :joy:

Meanwhile here is a vid from a new patch

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Spanky’s been missing for a while too :laughing:


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Update has come. I have another build that is more corresponding to Dante’s Inferno tittle, so I renamed this one

  • Gear alternatives;
  • Vids (Crate, Ravager, SR 85 + 90);
  • Useful links.

Later I will add leveling recommendation

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Inquisition have arrived?

A lot of things cones by these days. Not lot of them have the style of Ulzuin though. It’s great set minus the energy regeneration. And your build is very strong and versatile!

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Thanks, Nerry!
I really like that full bi elemental builds are no longer meme :grava_yes:

Thanks for build, got a lot of fun

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Ouch, those latest nerfs hit hard :scream:

Thanks for run anyway!

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