[Feedback] A suggestion how to re-balance Canister Bomb

So this has ruined some builds, namely my almighty Sorc and @Dmt’s Purifier.

But it hasn’t really solved the conundrum which is Canister Bomb. It’s still pretty overpowered, current solution just limited builds’ diversity by forcing Lightning CB Demolitionisits into a Barrelsmith’s pistol set (that has no casting speed or energy regen). Fire CB builds with Shard of Eternal Flame and new op green mace still wreck absolute havoc.

My suggestion: Revert back the transmuter and radius nerf but decrease the number of fragments

How many fragments shoud there be is up to testing of course.

Do you have an experience with endgame CB builds? Discuss.


Better give extra radius on higher levels(15+) on second node. Around 50% builds(maybe even more?) usually take CB as support(12-1)(second node usually useless for them without specific eqiupment)


Somewhat agree, because for 3 points you only get 1 conversion and useless CC. At least, decrease number of points in transmuter to 1.

Also, i suggest to remove burn damage modifier for SoEF. Because full ulzuin set(it’s still garbage unfortunately) gives only 40 burn and 12%wd (around 30 fire damage). MI’s and SoEF gives 100 burn,70 fire, -0.5cdr and extra 8% cdr (also more skillpoints, because you have off-hand slot)

For Full Ulzuin, give more duration same as more damage on proc (for now, it’s looks more decoration than real impact). Also, if possible, add radius on RR proc on rifle(single target RR works pretty mediocre in this game)

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I’ve played Canister+Grenado with Bareelsmith’s. As fun as it is, it feels very odd having to put on two guns to make the best out of a caster skill. Lightning casters with off-hands should have access to pierce conversion on the skill without such a crutch.

Instead of reverting the transmutor change (don’t recall this happening very often) i suggest to add pierce to lightning conversion to some underpowered generic lightning items. Another option is to add Canister conversion mode to some MI that blocks some strong slot like helm or amulet.

As for the skill itself, it definitely feels too strong for its investments and it makes a joke out of 3-node Grenado line. I vote for bringing back some radius and decreasing the amount of fragments.

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