HERO OF SCIENCE AND MAGIC - bi elemental grenadier (c+)(SR+)(g4)



Have you ever looked for both effective and exciting caster gameplay?
You aren’t able to kite like a pro?
Do you like to blow up anything you see?

There is a very resilient caster with a ton of damage and visual effects :sunglasses:. I always wanted to make a thematic grenadier build.

Build's overview

GT link and in-game stats


  • It is a very tough caster, who is able to facetank almost any nemesis combo in Cruci
  • Easy to pilot
  • Very colorful gameplay
  • Green medal is very easy to get through killing Kymons/farming Cruci. Stats are optional, you need the coversion on medal


  • Mana hungry
  • Mythical Spelldrinker + Mythical Tom of the Arcane Wastes make my favorite combo for caster build. Together they give almost +600% (!!!) elemental damage. However, this offhand doesn’t have castspeed or any res. So if you can deal with it I highly recommend to use it.
  • 4 pieces of Ulzuin’s set give nice boost to Demo’s skills and damage as well as sweet phys res.
  • 2x Mythical Time-Flux Band give you slow res, spirit and bonus to both of fire and lightning damage
  • Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm relic is not what you expect to see in Purifier build. BUT you need its +1 to Demo. Why not Korvaak’s relic? It doesn’t have bonus to lightning, also another one button makes the build a bit clunky.
  • Gloves and Pants cover your OA, DA and HP requirements not to be fragile.
  • And, finally, this green Kymon’s Badge. For the first, you need just the conversion for Grenado. For the second, it’s very easy to farm this badges in the Blood Grove.
    Craft your gear for stun res and one for pierce.
Gameplay advice

Crucible gameplay:
Drop seal for defence and RR proc and start throwing mines and grenades everywhere - PROFIT! The build is able to facetank almost any combination - heal yourself with WoR, then wait for Blastshield proc with Giant bound to it, after few seconds Blastshield is off use health potion, then heal youself with WoR again. The next Blastshield is somewhere ready.

Shattered Realm:
Watch careful for the combination you’re dealing with. Don’t try to facetank heavy melees without your Blastshield and you’ll be fine. The build is tough enough to farm 75-76.

Watch build's performance

7m UNBANNERED run - should be much faster on a good PC. John Smith did ~5:50 with banner. 30s longer then full Ulzuin, but way more tanky for those, who aren’t good at kiting.
Full 75 run + no aggroabuse
Full 75 run with Reaper and Grava killed


Nice one! :wink:

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Glad you posted it, it’s a cool counter-mainstream alternative to full Ulzuin or 4 piece Ulzuin + Barrelsmith.

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Nice build! It looks very tanky and reliable for caster.I personally can’t play glassy ones,this looks great for noob like me :slight_smile:

Side question,thing that bugs me,is it possible to be created good lightning Grenadier with Barrelsmith pistols+SR set?

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Yes, similiar setup but with two pistols is hella strong, me and John made something like that and tested it not so long ago. It’s obviously less tanky and less quality of life then DMT’s one, but moar damage.

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Thanks! :blush:
Comparing to other bomberbuilds, this one is 30 seconds longer then full Ulzuin or Barrelsmiths, but way more tanky. I made it for those, who aren’t able to kite like John Smith


Updated with new thread format and some vids

Here we go :slightly_smiling_face:
What can I say… Reaper and MQ are the most dangerous for this build. Grava and Kaisan were surprisingly easy.


Dead build, fine
I like very much this situation - you make not a common build that is not OP and just works well. Then Crate nerfs other specs, and your build is dead :ok_hand:

Pretty much the reason why I soon will give up this game…

Yeah, thanks to the best game design ever

Did the recent hotfix revive this build?

I managed to keep up with latest nerf. As soon as I complete Dervish guide, I will do Warlock and Purifier.
The build is very strong even in current hazardous Crucible

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I fell in love about your build and the original way to made it

since multiple update, I’m thinking if there is any improvement ?

I’m using runeward legguard (blue pants) and golemborn for boots, testing it but sometimes, survival instinct from grey magi is missing ^^

thx again to made that great build

Edit : I just saw your new build, so preparing next conversion haha