Burn, baby, burn ( - Shieldbreaker, the fire slayer (EVERYTHING+)

From a little spark may burst a flame.

Hello, dear pyromaniac! Long story short. One day I was polishing Infernal Shieldbreaker with @mad_lee help (be sure to check his guide as well). Wasn’t satisfied with the result and left it for the future. Last days I returned to the build while being more experienced player, and this Shieldbreaker now truly shines :boom: Update: the Infernal Knight set went a log way last patches. Damage was nerfed severely, so I went for all-in fire devotion map and @mad_lee trick with Shard of Eternal Flame. Survivability is more or less good. Softcapped Ulzuin’s Wraith helps, but the build is one of the most skill dependent. However, you might play with the old version for better tankiness

:zap: Grimtools (current version) :zap:
:zap: Grimtools (old version, also possible) :zap:

*Permabuffs + Ascension

All the gear used is kind the BiS, no need to change smth, though you may look at possible alternatives:


  1. Until you don’t use the same setup I provide with GT link, I’n not in charge of miscellaneous failures.
  2. Until you don’t use the same setup I provide with GT link, you prob need different augments/components.


Aggressive caster. Follow your rotation and watch your positioning. The build is more or less skill dependent, so you might need some time to learn. A shit ton of DPS is kind a passive. Do not stay at one place. Active moves is a key to succes. Once you learn it, you’ll be happy playing this build.
The most dangerous enemies:

Build’s performance

Old vids:

Useful links


Nice build! I like a lot the balance between offense and defense. Also it’s rare to see Hellforged pants in a build, but they give you both huge physical res and % fire damage. Also since earlier FG days have more DA.

And finally SR 85th shard and Crucible buffless are all incredible achievements for Shieldbreaker :+1:

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Thanks, Nery! :blush:

Yes, I was surprised by such performance, though @mad_lee took the cake, when I decided not to post this build some time ago :grinning:

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This one is not only breaking shields! Very nice build, gj! Especially the 7:25 min calla kill time is impressive considering you are kiting her.

My bet is that this is just one of those “take this thematic stat or nothing” things.

Is Aldanar’s Vanity really better than a GG rolled Zarthuzellan’s and if yes, would you mind explaining a bit? Or was is it used over Z’s to avoid having to say “just GD stash it” (and also because the build is already strong enough with Vanity)?



Yes, better. Shieldbreaker starves on OA/DA a lot as well as heavily depends on Ascension, Ghoul and Giant cooldowns. Not to mention, +1 to both masteries gives a ton of skill points, so build has every offensive skill maxed and might invest into Vindicative Flame for more health regen as an additional defensive option.


Nice build.

And nice going at naked Cruci and SR 85. I really like it when a build shows naked cruci

@Nery Doubting my fav class :stuck_out_tongue: Listen not to naysayers. They are very good for it. Just needs the right build with the right skill investment :fire: :crossed_swords:

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I rate this build :fire: :fire::fire: :fire: :fire: :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: 10 fires out of 10 possible

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Nice results. But since you don’t use any filler, nor do you have any cold to convert, nor do you have any major wpn dmg output - Grim Fate with cdr and +1 to all should be trillion times better than Warpfire with cast speed, conversion and flat.

Also, 2p in Flashbang give 40 effective oa while 3p over the cap in Clarity give 24 oa.

Cinders are the last gloves you wanna be using on this build.

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Indeed… and blast shield cooldown aswell.
Thx for the explanation!

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Clarity of Purpose is 12/12. I think you mean Presence of Virtue. Its for energy regen as soon as build starves on mana sometimes

Warpfire gives increased burn duration, that’s super important to have the strongest dots as long as possible until the next Ascension. Also 15% RR is very helpful vs. heavy resistant enemies as well as cast speed. ~150% cast speed on this build isn’t enough for comfortable rotation, especially with -cast speed mod.
On the other hand Mines mod on Grim Fate isn’t such useful when you can’t facetank enemies on your mines.
So the only advantage of Grim Fate is +1 to Oathkeeper.

Until you don’t have Wyrms, you need some gloves with massive OA bonus. Cinders have it as well as % damage and sweet proc.

Edit: rearrange 2 points from Vindicative Flame to Flashbang is worth, though

Blastshield isn’t affected by any -cd procs, only by global % cdr

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Indeed, my bad.

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I dont think Cindertouch worth, as it converted 30% fire to lightning, thats a lot of dmg waste. Elite harvest grips is good for budget.

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Oh, shit, you’re right
I totally forgot about conversion :woman_facepalming:

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One more strong build from @Dmt, thank you


Thanks for the run :slightly_smiling_face:

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Newbie question, which abilities do you lifesteal with? I’m assuming Blazing Eruption and Judgement, but is there anything else?

judgment has no weapon damage so it cant life steal here

the devotion bat which will with the ring conversion steal life pretty decent. When ghoul is active, it will life steal very efficient. Fiend proc also helps out a bit.

Some tryhard

I tried this build in Crucible, only change was adding of Amatok’s Breath Rune. Build is fun and is a nice fire show. Sadly too much monsters stuck in corners and didn’t catch perfect opponents/conditions, so my fastest run was 5:32, video: