Burn, baby, burn ( - Shieldbreaker, the fire slayer (EVERYTHING+)

Would like to thank you for this great build! :+1:

Been alot of fun so far!

Also Mr.Ravager doesn’t approve. :fire: :deer: :fire:

Still struggeling with Callagadra tho.
Was wondering if you did any changes to the build for fighting her? :thinking:
Cheers! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the run, Nerry! Sorry for slowpoking :grinning:

Glad you like it!

No, just a bit of pharma for help and kiting


Guess I just have to GIT GUD. :rofl:

As a new player, how do I level this (it’s a bit confusing, since it has (L) in the Compendium but I’m unable to locate leveling guide) and maybe there is any advice on which gear to use before I have all those best in slots?
Thanks in advance!

Get blackwater cocktail and its transmuter (high potency) soon, cap it, unlock flame touched, presence of virtue and resilience, then invest in demolitionist’s mastery bar to unlock vindictive flame, temper, ulzuin’s wrath, demon fire, blast shield and cap thermite mine; at this point cap presence of virtue too because you’ll probably start to need that extra energy regen, then get some extra points in demo mastery bar and cap agonizing flames. Now it’s oatkeeper time: unlock ascension, haven and judgement, go straight to cap oathkeeper mastery bar, get clarity of purpose, guardian of empyrion and cap celestial presence. Cap divine mandate and heart of wrath, then all the remaining skills.

It should be a smooth leveling experience because demolitionist is one of the best masteries to level up and BWC, especially when bound to Eldritch Fire, is a leveling powerhouse.

As to the gear, since you are a new player, use all items you find which have got some burn / fire damage, or some offensive ability. Always prioritize offense while leveling because you are a kiting caster. Keep in mind that this character is amazing even with lower defensive values than standard builds.



djnat, thanks a lot my man, for such comprehensive description on what I should do.
Could I also ask on the devotion advice, or should I just level those in grimtools opening them one after another?

Most important devotions to unlock asap are Solael’s witchblade (damage) and Bat (sustain). Then follow the route to unlock other eldritch / chaos ones until you get Ulzuin’s torch which has a super powerful final.

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+1 to all that. Just wanna add canister bomb is a great leveling skill too, with the moltenclaw slicer axe and the korvan armor it’s wicked powerful

Hello! Im newbie, and trying to find build with posibility to clear all content with DLC, etc. I see only few builds that can achieve 95 sr. What difference between your “EVERYTHING+” and “EVERYTHING+++”?))) Can u help with build that can clear faster or higher content then Shieldbreaker (or I see the best build). Thank you very much. Sorry for maybe my missunderstanding

Just a little joke

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this build is really fun to play. but when using it, i feel like the health regen isnt help that much, when difficult situations i dont see how regen (even with Behemoth proc) save my char from dying (like boss room in SR 7x and up). By searching GT, i saw that Blightlord amulet is a much better choice: it has the same aether/ elemental res like the conduit (just a lower number, we can fix that), and a hugh more bonus: +1 all Demo/Oath, +130% fire/burn, and final 24 flat fire to BWC. Could you consider that option other than health regen conduit?
Like this for example: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnX5DGV
Hardcap Judgment and softcap Crushing verdicht for DA shred, so you dont need another button for Flashbang (they all have the same 250 DA shred). And we can get lv 10 Resilence when hard time comes

Flashbang is crucial for the fumble / impaired aim chance especially in the hardest content (gladiator cruci / very high SR shards). And the Vindictive flame conduit is extremely powerful when coupled with strong health regen devotions like Behemoth, plus it provides an amazing extra defensive layer in the form of +3% all max resistances and it gives tons of extra health / energy and nice energy regen, which is quite needed when you go hard on fire spamming. :smiley:

Your setup seems more oriented to offense, but it may feel a bit lackluster when things get really tough.

If you want to trade tankiness for offence you need Shard of Eternal Flame. Turns this build into dps monster.

I would die there w/o Behemoth. I guess, you play wrong, because I played this build on the most difficult levels many times, and Behemoth helped me a lot.

Judgment doesn’t have fumble


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Why do you consider the offhand necessary? I only see one steroid ability, and the other abilities have relatively low cooldowns. Furthermore, what if you had an ill-timed proc? I just don’t see the positives of running it; Is there something I’m missing?

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I think it’s for bigger uptime of Ascension, Ghoul and Behemoth. They are pretty needed to survive the hardest content of the game.

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Hmm, didn’t know it applied to devotions as well. Ty!

Celebrating patch with new arenas. I like them a lot :partying_face:

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Hi, maybe you can help me i’m quite new to end game and the build seemed amazing to me, i manage to collect everything but one ring. And i cannot even do 45-46 without dying on the bosses. Maybe i’ don’t play it good but i noticed some few things :

  • You have two seal of might simyltaneously activated (i have only one tough it refuses have two at the same times, will try again) ==> edit : ok it works with two!

  • You have meteor falling near yourself , from what it is?
    if there is somethings not obvious to know telle me :wink:

This build just got hit so hard at latest patch :frowning: