[] The Burn Ward - 5m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, SR 75-76 no greens caster Shieldbreaker [c+][g3][sr+]


*Burn Ward welcoming all kinds of patients who got into a contact with super Hot Builds


Thanks to user @omnitrio


This one was born when I was testing early versions of @dmt’s Shieldbreaker (be sure to check it out if she decides to post it she has finally posted it). But I have changed the focus from Blackwater Cocktail to Thermite Mines, changed a lot of gear and devotion map so the build became kind of my own.

The Build Update

Small update: changed one Bloodied Crystal to a Runebound Topaz. Fits this Stun resist starved build perfectly. Update

@Dmt has posted her version of IK Shieldbreaker and I felt like I needed to upgrade mine. With the combo of Shard of Eternal Flame amulet and Mark of Divinity it has became both tankier and much more damaging. Update

Reworked the build in It’s much more stable now and damage is the same.

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

*craft for Stun resist

Hot-burning Questions

Isn’t Warpfire better?
Nope, Grim Fate is better on all fronts, especially when you focus on Thermite Mines.

How consistent is that build? It looks a bit glassy
It’s pretty consistent once you learn how to pilot it and watch your fail-safes cooldowns. Less tanky than Purifier casters with Censure tho


Core of the build is Infernal Knight set. However we are adding huge damage support in a form of steroided mines with increased radius. Rings are for OA and Bat conversion. You can choose to use or skip a skill from Korvaak’s relic. Devotions include all Fire powerhouse constellations + Bat/Ghoul/Solemn Watcher for tankiness.


In Crucible burn everything. Reposition with Vire’s Might and teleport rune often. On dangerous waves like 170 watch your Blast Shield/Prismatic Cooldowns. Once you procced Blast Shield and something else - stand your ground.
In Shattered Realm stick to 65-66. 75-76 is doable but expect to die few times.


General with Ascension up (up 65% of the time)

Magical with Ascension up

Defense with Ascension up

Videos romanN1’s 4:26 run Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:20 run Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:59m run Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:55 run Crucible Gladiator 150-170 Slev1n’s 4:55 run Banana_peel’s Crucible sub 5 minute run Crucible 5:07 run Crucible 5:20 run SR 75-76 (9:37 run, 1 death, bad mutators and bosses) SR 75-76 (few deaths, 10:41 run) build version Crucible 150-170 5:23 run

Crucible 150-170 5:14 run - new devotion bindings Crucible 150-170 5:13 run, 4+3 setup Crucible 150-170 5:26 run, lucky double “armored” mutators" Crucible 150-170 5:17 run, lucky “armored” mutator

SR 65-66 speedrun (good mutators)

Very fast 5:26 run

Fast 5:32 run

Another fast 5:32 run

John Smith’s 5:12 run

Dying one thousand times at Shards 75-76

In Conclusion

This picture by @Kos9k


Good job, inspector :wink:

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Compared to on release Ulzuin and Pyran your strongest fire/burn build is a joke.

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Congrats on this posting this build! I recently am enjoying playing&watching fire shows.


A very ingenious take on IK set, wouldn’t had been able to tell that this is a sub-6min build if someone just shown me the GT link without telling anything. This is literally first time I see Azrakaa’s ammy used in a real build, also incredibly surprised about Grim Fate being good just for it’s thermite bonuses.

Shame you had no inspiration this time, build looks like totally worth another chapter of your saga.


Those were broken sets in a much easier Crucible. Can’t really compare, sorry.

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Yeah, I can’t think of a stronger burn build. Maybe some Canister sorcs that Shoot was making a few patches ago. But that’s patches ago. Pyran, despite the recently added burn mod and the funny granted active with burn (that nobody EVER used) is still 99% direct dmg. And anyway Pyran is green or die. It’s hardly viable legit. Should not be spoken of among decent folk. :wink:

Anyway, another top class build with surprising gearing and pimped out devos! :facepunch: Grim Fate and Azraaka reminds me of that SoC off-hand on your Dark One.

But it does look squishy. Especially the res. Nothing a good pair of Stonehide Stoneplate Grieves wouldn’t fix, though.


Good build, good SS. it’s the best.:grin:

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Thanks, I love using non-standard gear for top builds. Grim Fate, in my opinion, might be a new meta for Fire/Burn Demolitionists.

It is definitely squishier than sorcs or Purifiers. Capping resists and leaving something for an overcap was not easy at all. That 10% Physical Resist on Cyclone off-hand would’ve come in handy for sure :smile:

It is consistent once you get used to the rhythm. A lot of fail-safes + high cdr are bailing this build out before it burns everything with its obscene damage.

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Hey, I think I mentioned this before, but 1 pointer Flashbang then 12/12 crushing verdict for the same DA shred and a liiiiiiitle bit more damage if you need to shave off 1 second :stuck_out_tongue:


@x1x1x1x2 Da shred from Flashbang is cheaper, isn’t it?

@mad_lee another question, I see you bound Bat to Vire… I tried that on Pyran and it sucked. Apparently (I’m not 100% sure but it looks like that when testing on the dummy) ticks from Volcanic do not carry Vire’s initial huge proc chance but only a basic proc chance of any ticking skill (with Bat it’s 25%). Can you confirm that?

Anyway, you’re forced to focus on making a long Volcanic track every time so that more enemies can stand in it. I found it bothersome even on Seekers which proc off any hit 100%.

Anyway I found it’s best to bind Bat to BwC because BwC is special among ticking skills with a bit higher proc chance. But I see you focused on offense and prioritized Fissure. Anyway, imo even with offense in mind I’d switch BwC and Mines between Witchfire and Fissure.

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I have no idea. It came from empirical knowledge. I tried all possible bindings and Vire’s Might is just the best. BWC doesn’t proc Bat often enough. Maybe @John_Smith can explain the exact mechanics behind Vire’s proccing capability.

It’s actually procs even if you use it against nemesis in point blank range. So just another button to spam. Besides, builds benefits from changing position more often.

Again, from my experience I found that Eldritch Fire on BWC is suboptimal. BWC has cooldown and sometimes you throw it at one enemy and other one is ranged and not closing the distance or whatever. With Mines you just spawn the instantly at the ridiculous range and they seem to be proccing RR devotions pretty fast.

It’s all found out thru testing. Testing devotion bindings is the most painful part of testing because besides some obvious stuff (like RR to auto-attack) stuff like devos on this build is much less obvious and difference between runs can be really really small so you can’t tell if it’s the lucky run or if that binding is really better.

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At point blank range (when you don’t move at least 1-2 meters) Vire procs only once on initial hit. It doesn’t leave the track. I had Vire bound to Bull Rush on Octavius and to Seekers on Pyran. And facetanking a single target, I had to make sure I run him through pointing at the spot behind him to make things proc every second.

As for Mines vs. BwC, they’re pretty much the same except BwC got better chance but it’s got cooldown. Devo binding are always confusing on fire.

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I played nearly the same build months ago.
Went for CDR in offhand + relic for near perma-ascencion
Healed myself with wendigo, went for phoenix, turtle, behemoth - I just COULD NOT die.
Mobs thrashed me down to 10% life - and that´s where it stayed ^^. It was very sturdy.
Hence my request: Could you please edit your OP so that it states “over 6 minutes crucible clear time” or similar, so that I can go on having fun with my build in the future? :slight_smile:

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Share GT, please, I am curious. Sorry if this build causes any nerfs, Infernal Knight isn’t that strong of a set to get nerfed, in my opinion, and Cyclone pieces have been already nerfed so many times. So I don’t know what Zantai would target here.

This is amazing, I have to add it to op.


Flaming Zantai. Never a good idea. :rofl:

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It’s a Burn Ward, we have some ice and cookies prepared for him.

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This build may not be good for SR 75 but it absolutely destroys SR 65-66. Added a video of SR 65-66 speedrun. Also managed to set my personal record in Crucible with it with this 5:26 run.

Gonna post my GT later this day I hope. Reached SR73 with it, then aborted. Felt like I could go even further.