Fire Canister+Grenado build - looking for help

So I’ve been trying to make a fire damage Canister Bomb and Grenado build but to little avail, I made two versions, one using Mythical Adversary and trying use ADCTH for sustain, mostly via the WD mods and partially converted Scales and another using Cindercore and heal devotions to try and sustain. They ended up being pretty similar performance-wise, the damage seemed serviceable but they lack quite a bit in the defense department.

Adversary version: (pierce res is capped in game)
Cindercore version:

Any advice on how to improve these or general ideas for fire CB+Grenado would be welcome. I tried looking for similar builds but the ones I found were either lighting based or only using Canister Bomb but not Grenado or vice-versa.

Your first build looks ok to me.

Are you taking damage through Blast Shield? If so, I would divert some points to Blast Shield.

Try to identify whether you are under the effect of debuffs when you take heavy damage. If you are taking heavy damage while resistance debuffed, you may want to try to overcap your resists a bit more. Elemental resists are especially important, but poison DoTs can be nasty as well.

If you are under a DA debuff, you may be getting crit. Diverting 2 points into BWC and its transmuter should give you enough effective DA for most content.

I would also divert two points into Flashbang and Searing Light. This gives 150 effective OA and 30% fumble, which is really good value. In fact, if you want to maximize OA, I would leave Flame Touched and Presence of Virtue at softcap and cap out Flash Bang instead.

You build looks quite similar to The main difference is you go for vitality to fire conversion for additional healing. These builds will always be somewhat squishy. On the flip side, since your main damage skills are cooldown based, you do not have to facetank in order to deal damage. Staying mobile and keeping track of the cooldowns on your healing procs and Blast Shield are the best forms of defense for your build.


Thank you, I will try getting Flashbang (and optionally maxing it) and BWC! I kind of shied away from them since I didn’t want to end up with too much of a piano build but I guess that’s shooting myself in the foot here. If I get BWC it would also better to bind Meteor Shower to it, right? As for Blast Shield, what should I take points out of to free them up for Blast Shield?

I did try to get more overcaps but that ended up gimping my OA/DA quite a bit. I do feel like the build lacks in that department. Any advice for remedying that? I was thinking of getting a rare ring or boots to buff up the raw stats.

I ran into that build while looking for similar stuff, and it was indeed the closest to what I was looking for, but it seemed to be more HC oriented and seeing CB as just a one pointer made me a bit sad since I really like going for max fragments on that one.

I’ll try to adopt a more hit and run style as well. Playing a lot of facetank builds has probably spoilt me and made me too lazy :sweat_smile:

I’ve seen quite a few caster builds using the Bat constellation for sustain. Something along the lines of :

See how Twin Fangs is linked to BwC?

Edit : ho, there is a much closer build in the compendium, it uses both Fire Canister and Grenado :

I’ll try Twin Fangs on BwC, thanks. Would also make Light’s Oath more tempting. I did see that build but it sadly only uses CB as a one pointer and is more HC oriented as well.