[] [HC] Bomberman returns - fire Grenado Shieldbreaker [vids]

Hello people of Cairn. I’m here to show you another of my builds and also to give @adoomgod some feedback on the mythical adversary. This build is a blast, it’s the bomb, it’s grenado Shieldbreaker – Bomberman returns. So far I bombed my way through all acts of ultimate, the four roguelikes, nuked Lokarr and Kubacabra and cleared Shattered Realm 50-51 on HC.

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4L36xN



patch 1.1.4:

max crit: 1,15M in SR 50 (no SR shrines)


Tier 1:

  • Viper: OA, affinities

  • Hawk: OA, affinity

  • Ghoul: lifesteal, circuitbreaker with phys res and more lifesteal

  • Quill: DA, affinities, energy, aether res

  • Throne: 1 point for stun res

Tier 2:

  • Chariot: OA, stun res, DA, armor and heal on proc

  • Magi: best fire dps proc, %fire, %burn, casting speed

  • Phoenix: nice flat absorb on the proc (stacks with blast shield), crit damage, %elemental dmg

  • Harp: %elemental dmg, pierce&bleed res, energy, insane energy and OA/DA on proc

  • Witchblade: %fire, fire RR on proc, must have for any fire build

Tier 3:

  • Ulzuin’s Torch: lots of OA, crit dmg, chaos res, %fire dmg, fire damage proc



  • weapon: Mythical Adversary (100% phys to fire conversion to Grenado, %WD to Grenado)

  • belt: Mythical Ulzuin’s Torment (skill bonuses)

  • gloves: Mythical Gauntlets of Ignaffar (burn damage to Grenado and skill bonuses)

  • helm, chest, shoulders, amulet: 4 piece Ulzuin’s Infernal Avatar set (skill bonuses, blast shield mod, 15% phys res, +2 demo)

  • ring: Gargabol’s Ring (this setup requires one for +3 Grenado, other setups don’t need this)

not mandatory

  • ring: Living Ring (use whatever fixes your res or just use Combustion Band or Light’s Oath for more pierce to fire conversion)

  • pants: Kubacabra’s Legguards (nice for +3 High Impact, use whatever you prefer instead)

  • relic: Korvaak’s Deception (+1 demo, %OA/DA, feel free to use any +1 demo relic instead)

  • boots: Mythical Stormtitan Treads (my default boots up to patch 1.1.3, there are definitely other choices available now, also green boots to fix res can be used)

  • medal: Mythical Mark of Divinity (BiS for defense imo, feel free to use whatever else you’d like to)



RR = resist reduction, OA/DA = offensive/defensive ability, CS = casting speed, CDR = cooldown reduction, HC = hardcore, HP = health points, %WD = % weapon damage


The Bomberman is back! Grenado could still maybe use a slightly faster projectile speed to make it a little bit more consistent. Other than that the skill is a blast imo! Adversary could also convert pierce to fire on top, but that’d give the player less incentive to try to use Mythical Light’s Oath for rings and also makes it less important to aim for high conversion rolls on Gauntets of Ignaffar. Whether or not that would be a good thing is up for discussion.

Final Words

Full Ulzuin’s canister bomb’s little brother is here to make the world shake and he’s doing a good job at that tbh! I can’t really compare canister bomb to grenado myself as I’ve never played a canister bomb char so far, but the build is a lot of fun and is strong enough in my eyes for a lot of content. SR 65+ is probably also doable, but I just didn’t have the time/motivation to do that yet. Feel free to push this to SR 75+ and crucible 150-170 as fast as you can in SC.

Have fun bombing cairn until only fire is left! :smiling_imp:

Press F or play this build to pay respect to Ulzuin


you probably mean 1,15M :stuck_out_tongue:

holy shit you are fast! nice find, thx!

Snabb som en katt!

Cool gubbe btw

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I will add this to my potential shieldbreakers, I had another shieldbreaker in mind but in case that idea does not work out I will try this :slight_smile:

I am now working on improving my Lightning AAR Mage Hunter. so your HC guide for it is very much appreciated (I do play softcore but focus on lazyness and survival so I prefer to do things ala HC anyway xD )

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Thx :smile:

Glad you like my builds! If you find some better choices for gear, etc. any feedback is apprechiated :slight_smile:

Yeah I think I gave some feedback on your Oppressor but I did look on an older version so most of the stuff was corrected for anyway xD

I wish I had time to post “guides” for my end-game builds but this beginner friendly build project of mine has gone too far :stuck_out_tongue: xD

You’re doing a very good job with that! This also makes me not do beginner friendly builds, but rather just tell people to check out yours instead :wink:

speaking of that, I have beginner friendly Shieldbreaker guide with leveling and gearing. But it is more focused on skating but the explosions are still there :wink:

What is your next build gonna be about?

Nice build. I wanted to make a Grenadier build for a while but never really managed to do it, but this one is impressive congrats ! Is the weapon damage added to Grenado converted too ?

Yes, conversion applies to all damage dealt by the skill.

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ok thank you i wasn’t sure about that :+1:

So basically the gun is fine?

Build for august is gonna be called “vacation in norrland”, skåååål!

Yea I think so.

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uhh, yes pls. The build is just as good now as it was then.
Also thx for posting that video here aswell, great run!

I didn’t notice this before. It looks good. I haven’t done a grenado build before and this looks perfect.

About the devotions, wouldn’t Kraken or Hydra be better choices over Chariot? The only thing Chariot has going for it is a ton of OA but Hydra can give you that too.

Hydra - 20% slow res, 4% adcth, 4% OA
Kraken - 4% p-res, 8% cast spd, 15% crit dmg

Plus, you’d have a free devotion point to grab the 100% fire dmg node of Torch.

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I think I took chariot for OA and stun res (just like the one point into throne back then). Now throne doesn’t provide stun res on first node anymore so you can just put that point from throne into torch instead.
About Hydra and Kraken: I haven’t tried them yet and they could be just as good or even better, feel free to test them yourself :smile: I can’t really test them myself anymore as this char unfortunately died to Crate of Entertainment die to a misstep (but it’s possible to kill it on HC as @Retal_Abuser showed). That said the build is literally a blast!

It’s marked as in your collection, but the thread is, so I imported it as build into compendium instead.

Unfortunately I was unable to find any kind of proof on SR50-51 clear, and while I totally believe you I still have to strip (sr) tag for a time being as per my normal routine.

Thank you for the fix!

Here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69bqj-aIEbc&list=PL-7HuL5PyGEIfcGrlfnajqhfNXdWl_xRL
It’s Lokarr + SR51, maybe that’s why you overlooked it.

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