[] [HC] Snow Baller - cold Grenado Saboteur (sr65+, cr170)

how fire Grenado feels like to play

how you think cold Grenado feels like to play

how cold Grenado really feels like to play

The Snow Baller - cold Grenado Saboteur

Shockingly this build uses no 1.1.8 items right now, but you can use galeslice’s medal for fire to cold conversion, which would free up the shoulder slot. Chilldread Mantle or a green nemesis shoulder come to mind. The chest can also be switched around to e.g. Frostdread Cuirass. Compared to my fire Grenado Shieldbreaker damage is noticeably lower and it’s also less safe due to being way more melee oriented.

^ingame stats with all permant and without any temporary buffs. DPS shown is Grenado, highest crit 913k.

Highlight/Guide video from

YT playlist

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4Jbq0V https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23doM7V


  • vs dummy ~32s

first tries vs:

crucible 5 total runs on 1.1.8 (average 8:43min, fastest 8:10min; I got elemental res on enemies as a mutator on all 5/5 runs…), 4 buffs 3 (tier 1) banners:


As a cold melee nightblade like this or as a fire caster using Blackwater Cocktail with Grenado/Canister Bomb like in this.



RR = resist reduction, OA/DA = offensive/defensive ability, CS = casting speed, CDR = cooldown reduction, HC = hardcore, HP = health points, %WD = % weapon damage

Feedback & Final Words

Certainly the weaker archetype for saboteur when compared to Nex & Ortus (nery)

This build kinda got hit unnecessarily by the Thermite Mine nerf imo. Other than that %damage is pretty low. Partially due to the gear needed for this char to not just die, partically due to not being able to do spirit dump due to HP/DA concerns.

Suggestions for buffs: Buff Grenado specific gear (weapon, gloves) either damage wise (skill mods) or give more +skills to Ulzuin’s chosen (build really struggles to get that higher up) or buff thermite mine as suggested in my other thread.

If you guys have any suggestions on how to improve this build, please feel free to give any kind of feedback.


Nice cold Sabo and great into pics! :+1:

Q: How do you sustain the energy cost of your skills?

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For Main Campain pots are enough, for Crucible blessings are enough, for SR I’m using Royal Jelly anyway in HC (not sure if even needed for energy here).

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Omg I’m literally playing the same build with a bit different items :joy:

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@ RektbyProtoss : does this build really need to go melee? If I understand correctly, it uses regular auto-attacks in-between Grenado and other CDs, is it to sustain with some adcth and proc Execution?

I’m wondering if a mid range variation ditching Shadow Strike for something like Phantasmal Blade would be possible.

You can totally just kite around with the build as it is or change it around a bit. Point blank grenado is just a little easier to hit and execution with dual weapons is never bad.

Updated with 1.1.9 SR 65-66 run.

Anyone know how this build performs now since 1.9.7 updates? My experience has always reflected the meme in the OP… No need for 2x Crescent Moon’s I’d guess?