[] The new clothes of Sabo! Cold DW Saboteur SR75/CR+

  • What Elemental rings and Nex and Ortus Saboteur should look like.

  • But what it looks like instead :sweat_smile:

Since @tqfan wanted intro pics.


I have the feeling I’m from minority of players, who like Saboteur class, so here’s my first build for the new major patch. Saboteur despite the improvements it’s still pretty niche class outside of cold DW melee. But new items makes cold Sabo pretty cool and fun to play. I’ve decided to use new medal and head and go without purple
armor set pieces.


  • pic with permanent buffs and Lethal Assault charged, DPS for Fire Strike.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right:


Key items are weapons/rings sets and also new gear - Galeslice meal and Namadea helm. Also I’ve used:

  • Chest - Frostdread one, gives massive cold damage.

  • Shoulders - Silver Sentinel for acid to cold conversion on Yugol and Lethal Assault and also flat cold bonus.

  • Pants - Deathwhisper gives OA, % cold damage, physical resistance and +skill bonus to Lethal Assault.

  • Gloves - used are Iceskorn, they are pretty nice, although Haggard gloves are fitting as well.

  • Amulet - Ellena for +1 Nightblade and skill mod to Veil of Shadow.

  • Boots - Wraithwalkers are pretty good here with physical resistance and stun.

  • Belt - Gargoyle waist for +1 Nightblade, conversion helps with Bat. Added slow resistance is also a perk.

  • Relic - Serenity for +1 both classes and defensive proc.


Since N&O provide flat RR I can go crazy and take Ultos, Amatok and Yugol devotions all together.

For survival Bat/Ghoul helps me adding extra defensive layers.


Build is great in Crucible doing 4 runs in the duration of same set of buffs. I use configuration of 3 buffs 3 banners with bottom left being Level 2, others are Level 1.

Times are around 5:20-5:25 on average, video from my fastest run of 5:03!

In SR 75/76 should have decent clear rate. Health is jumping up and down a bit, but build is sturdy enough for 75, video from 75 th shard:


Love it Nery! Any reason you took searing might over searing strike on fire strike?

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Thanks for noticing, should be Searing Strike of course, GT corrected.

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Suddenly build is now sub 5 :rofl:

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I’ve reset with GD stash my old Rimetongue Sabo, so I think video was recorded with Searing Strike, so it shouldn’t do sub-5 in my hands at least. Also 150-160 mutators were perfect and Nemesis combos were good.

I feel like sabo is hard to level up :frowning:bi will give this a try since it’s a dw cold

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Oh yeah, that mythical hard to level up Sabo :rofl:

@Nery well done!

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Nicely done Nery! Guess I have to dust off my cold grenado saboteur aswell even though it didn’t get nearly as many new cool toys to play with as N&O FS Sabo did.

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Thanks Nery, I was waiting for you to update this build after the patch, I’m like you I actually really enjoy Sabo and find it extremely durable in SR, moreso than my BM even. :+1:

So you think the changes to the rings make them better than Alkamos set now?

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I may try leveling it to see. With new gear +2x cold weapons shouldn’t be that hard.


Yes cold Grenado is also possible. But N&O is the Sabo classical build.

I was thinking to update my Rimetongue build but new helm leads to different itemization and decided to start from scratch. I’m pleasantly surprised by the results.

Alkamos rings are still good, although with Yugol providing damage reduction, there biggest strength is negated. Also build lacks AoE damage, so rings helps a little bit with that.

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Talking about damage reduction, how good/reliable do you think is the new damage reduction from Ulzuin’s Wrath overall? It only works on getting hit (by melee?) with the first hit you take not being reduced right?

Good luck, shouldn’t be that hard. I tried levelling with DW fire long ago, silly easy to have high single target damage. The issue is mostly survivability. I tried twice and RIP’ed around the 50 level Mark both times.

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Ulzuin’s Wrath is awkward, since for kiting caster you’ll try avoiding getting hit. And I think it works only on melee too.

But now it’s easy to have two separate damage reduction sources, you can take component in medal or amulet +Ulzuin’s Wrath.

When you level HC, it sucks to die and Sabo for sure doesn’t have the same level of defense as Infiltrator or even Blademaster.

I can try level it with ABB+SS early on and i switch to Chillstrifes/Malkaddar cold FS build later.

This is how I leveled my cold Saboteur (patch Should be even easier to get good greens, especially Malkadarr’s now. Also the galeslice medal makes FS good while leveling now.

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Hi, I am playing some sort of hybrid between your and Armored-Otter build, and am still undecided which path to take for final build.
This is my char at the moment: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvmdnE2

I see that you didn’t take the Guardian devo, but still wear Sentinel shoulders. Guess they are there for Yugol/Murmur dmg conversion?

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Just saw his build, he took Gaze without even Silver Sentinel Shoulders.

Let’s look the cold facts (no pun intended). With just medal you have 50% chaos to cold and with 0% acid to cold leads to 25% conversion to GG. With shoulders you can have up to 40% max, which isn’t bad but not optimal, so I like his map but also wouldn’t change mine. Also GG works well with spread skills like Pox, mines are not the best activator.

About acid to cold, other than Yugol the biggest plus is converting flat acid from Lethal Assault. Also some poison to frostburn from Merciless Repertoire.

Btw if you go to my devotion route you can fit Gaze by replacing Sailor’s Guide with Eel, hawk with Gaze and remove the upper right point from Yugol.

So this is better offensively than SR set. Nice to see that Namadea’s helm is actually useful.

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I think it’s better offensively (luckily). Also devotion route is flexible, cause N&O provide flat RR, so you can offset the loss of tankiness from not wearing SR set.

I actually bound GG to Fire Strike, since for me it makes sense to have the orbs spinning while I’m pounding, when I’m already in meelee range. Also, for me Thermites have the Blizzard, and they are proccing quite often.

Can’t wait to hit 94 so that I can equip all the goodies and to see then how it behaves :slight_smile:
Maybe this can finally be char with which I can force myself to dive into SR and unlock the set.

Do you think the build will have the same capabilities (to an obvious lesser extend) without out the “of the winter storm” on the helmet and without “of the Amarasts’s Fury” on the amulet? Those are not easy pieces to farm, let alone farming for desirable affixes.