[Feedback] Infernal Knight set could use a little defensive buff

Any proofs of its performance?
Not I don’t believe, just interesting.

I have some old videos https://youtu.be/YsAw8up0bfQ , when i run w/o conduit . Now i switched the conduit cause someone “balanced” my beronath and my favorite set of rings. >_>
Even this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p257XMmZ shit refuse to die in current crucible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmOGmacPcFs, how do you manage to kill a shieldbreacker that can run arround with two blazehearts with guardian gaze AND wendigo?

Weird, I’d have thought a 5:45 time with 2850 DA was pretty sufficient for your build.

AoE casters don’t need to be omnipotent tanks, too. Every character/set should have its issues that player skill (piloting and theorycrafting) ought to be allowed to overcome, as Nery did.

Abstain. Evidence suggests the set is performing fine, but I personally do not like it so I wouldn’t mind a buff. However, its defensiveness has not been what I disliked about IK.

Dude, sorry, but your claims and examples show that you have clearly fallen out of the meta. First of all, game did not become easy. It became harder. There is a certain power creep with new strong sets and items, but it doesn’t mean that old sets suddenly became stronger too.

Secondly, as an example of IK build you presented hybrid purifier with 22/12 Censure, Inquisitor Seal, Conduit and additional adtch from melee (why do you have double ancient armor with 90% absorb, lol). Not every IK build has that.

I mean you can also post grimtools of Infernal Knight Commando wearing a shield with Empyrion in devotion map, but it doesn’t mean that the set doesn’t lack defensive stats.


Oh yeah? LIke its harder to find resistances in items? IRC, Wyrmscale footpads didn`t give anything outside OA/DA , now they give 50% stun res for free. Like you needed to pick elemental storm for flat RR, not its free 5 devotion points. Like everyone picked Solemn or Wolverine or both and now no one bother. Also 36 flat dmg from jewelry augments for free.
Game is so hard, i facetank 2 reapers and IM and some spear-wielding dummy with ~20% phyz res and 2k armor. Standing on 12/12 seal.

Dude, i litteraly run a IK chaos Pyro few patches ago. Guess what? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpTMFXVCJkg
Did that became harder too? With free ADCTH on guardian gaze and free effective RR on everyone due to global chaos resistance reduction?
Tell me how can you fuck up a shieldbreacker that is focused around a kitting-friendly spells and come up with on-demand flat dmg reduction, on demand movement skill and have a imbued healing effect increase?
You just sick with speedruning and suggest unnececery stuff for set`s that are fine.

Again, so happy for you, but you are playing 22/12 Censure Purifier with a Conduit and melee support. How does example can even be extrapolated on rest of IK builds?

I even made a guide to Chaos Pyro wearing IK set, dude.

I know exactly how it plays. It has Sigil of Consumption, additional physical resist, 100% poison res (so you can overcap other res easier) and permanent damage absorption. It’s nothing like a Shieldbreaker.

Here is a Shieldbreaker that I have made based on IK set.: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk6rXRZ
It has so many defensive layers on it: converted Bat, Ghoul, 20% phys res, 12,5k HP, huge max res, cc-res, double movement skill, cdr, etc. etc. And it feels and plays like a complete glasscannon.

You can’t be making “set is all right defensively” argument by giving examples of tankier archetypes that wear this set. Instead you should try and compare it to other caster sets to see where it stands.

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What you don’t like then? Energy regeneration, skill points bonuses, OA?

But you can see my both builds GT have less DA(I use GD stash for maximum rolls) and still it’s not comfortable to achieve decent number. Also physical resistance have similar problem. It’s not hard for experience player to bypass this problem but why this exact set should be low on crucial stats?

As for game difficulty, it’s easier to play something from the meta, literally children’s play. But still people saying build steam rolled through content haven’t play some weird builds or builds without much end game gear. Obviously there’s natural progress of acquiring pieces that will push your build to the next level but still it’s tough to judge difficulty based on all end game gear and years of experience.

I think speedrunning is lot easier and theoryctafting for experience players it’s easier with all this specific gear and sets. But getting from leveling builds to farming SR/Crucible for newer players offers more difficult challenge by the game.

Energy Regeneration and the fact that the only BWC Legendary set in the game doesn’t do anything for spammable BWC over transmuted BWC.

In general, this set and all sets should be low on several core stats. See also: Rah’zin.

All due respect, what in the nine hells are you talking about here?

Again, i would like to see buffs to sets like deathguard before we go around tweaking IK set.

But on topic - i think IK set is fine the way it is - a stat deprived set with some awesome skill mods + procs.

Could it use a little more OA/DA? Sure. But I don’t think it’s crippled without it. AFAIK, it’s the only set which can let you 26/16 TM + 22/12 agonizing flames with ease for some massive RR.

My one complain with the IK set isn’t really related to the set itself so much so as it is related to BWC spam.

Dat shit energy hungry af

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[quote]Here is a Shieldbreaker that I have made based on IK set.: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk6rXRZ
It has so many defensive layers on it: converted Bat, Ghoul, 20% phys res, 12,5k HP, huge max res, cc-res, double movement skill, cdr, etc. etc. And it feels and plays like a complete glasscannon.[/quote]
I litteraly slaped some random gear on my purifier and GDstashed it to shieildbreacker. No conduit. No multiple defensive layers, whatever that mean. No phoenix. No CDR. And… no dmg at all :smiley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t8loYBl_1k
Guess what? Its so hard to die i dunno how you manage it. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mbJznV

in all fairness ptiro, you’re also an amazing pilot

i’ve seen you pull off some of the glassiest builds :stuck_out_tongue:

i haven’t tried the IK shieldbreaker, but blightlord shieldbreaker felt squishy to me due to a lack of heals/adcth

Well, you have %phyz resist and a bunch of usefull resists on the set, its not as glassy as , say, old clairvoyant(RIP) Shieldbreaker look squishy on paper, but if you play is as caster you shouldnt take THAT much hits. Im litteraly sitting at nemesis face and litteraly taking all the blows. You can run it smooth if you keep distance. Lots of nukes for this class, lots of options.
And mana Pita, it was like that from start for Pyro and Commando. As shielbreacker you have at least some flat mana regen in the mastery, so its not that bad.

oh, i’m not saying it’s unplayable by any means, nor is it the glassiest build I’ve ever piloted, but IK casters and blightlord casters are glassy compared to a MH caster for example.

I can see the reason behind the call for wanting a defensive buff to IK set, i just think it’s entirely unnecessary. Especially when deathguard or rotgheist are still lightyears behind

i dunno mate. i found trouble sustaining BWC spam on a sorc with 10/10 mental alacrity.

I had to rely on arcane will + HP drain to keep me below 75% hp most of the time to get regen

When people feel the need to say “with all due respect” they mean exactly the opposite. :smile:

So OK let’s say my thoughts are lost in translation. This comment was regarding the discussion on the topic.

About BWC spam I tried it in Crucible. With Ulzuin buff you can sustain the cost with no problems. Otherwise it’s more difficult. Damage is also spread, so you have lot AoE than usual spamming build(come on you should’ve noticed it) but as usual you’re better to put BWC on CD.

Are you again comparing apples and oranges? You made another hybrid, except this time it’s also ridiculuosly slow. How is that relevenat again?

All due respect, what in the nine hells are you talking about here?

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The fact that Rah’zin, a well designed set, has similar issues to IK, a well designed set, in that they both lack OA/DA. Weaknesses such as these allow for nonset items to better compete with mainstream sets, though, granted, such nonset items do need to exist in the first place.

Dude, you keep saying that IK shieldbreacker is squishy and stuff like this. Its false. You play it wrong and assemble it wrong. Don`t blame the set for your own faults.

Rah`zin OA is irrelevant, as you can slap in Fevered rage and call it a day. Its also a dumpster state for Witchblade and witchhunters, as your %crit dmg is so low, its not worth to bother.
If someone need OA, there is flashbang. Maxed flashbang anyone? Oh wait, i forgot when i saw someone with more that one pointer in flashbang.
And BWC come with 250 DA reduction. Its not even low DA as you try to claim.

Speaking about IK puri, it’s squishy. (@Nery, it’s your turn)
Let’s talk about not hybrids but pure casters.