Coup de Grâce ( - Venomblade, Crucible no buffs, SR 90+, Mogdrogen, Ravager, Crate of Entertainment

The moon as my guide, shadows my allies. I am the hunter…

Hello everyone! One of the strongest early FG builds has been nerfed several times and passed to oblivion. But today we have lots of new MIs as well as easier access to decent legit greens. New devotion map (thanks to @grey-maybe) and itemization tweaks helped Venomblade to be a top-tier build again.

:zap: No Scales grimtools :zap:
:zap: Grimtools with Scales :zap:
Note: Don’t be afraid of 4 greens. All of them are single rare. You only need one “Of Amarasta’s Flurry” suffix on pants or shoulders. Everything else is optional to fill the gaps.

*Permabuffs + Ascension



Aggressive melee. Watch your defensive cooldowns and positioning. In SR avoid being surrounded by Nems. Use Blade Barrier if you don’t have any safe, kite if you need. 1 vs. 1 only Mad Queen might be a problem (she is absolutely broken though). Be especially careful with Slathsarr.

Build’s performance

Useful links

Acid itemization and devotions are trash in terms of res, cc res or phys res.


Grimtools link is for a Deceiver, not Dervish.

Aw, sorry, fixed

The cool acid Dervish is back!I don’t keep backups of my build,but hope others do!

I don’t either. T_T

Looks like we both have to redo them bloody beginner guides.

:oHow we become the stupid guys on forum:D.Other builds are with shorter description,but bloody beginner ones are notebook sized.

I’m just thankful that I didn’t lose my devotion guide, or my loot/levelling guide.

I would not have done them again. :smiley:

Oh gosh, yes.
I won’t be hurt again, doing back up for everything from now on.

When the rain stop falling,you put your hoodie.Actually all my national proverbs are hilariously,whe you have to translate them in English:p

Hi, what is the best way to level this build?
Thanks for your work!

Hey Dmt,

Good to see you reposting this. If I may ask, why not hardcap Fervor when you can? I know max charge is at 24/26 but it’s still 23 flat, 3% wd and some %dmg to every hit for 2 points. Nowhere else do you get these returns for point invested.

You are welcome:)
Level up with Aegis, Guardians and Night’s Chill
As first devotions take Guardian’s Eye and Bat, then go for Murmur and further to main devotions, drop Eye and Bat later

For Cruci you may drop the whole Presence of Virtue line and go for WPS/RF for more damage

I’m glad that haven’t done beginner guide for Dervish before Rollback :smiley:
Anyway, good luck with recovering;)

I leveled full fire Vire’s Might. Grab a two-hander with fire damage (like Homestead one). For devotions go Ghoul, Fiend (bind this one to guardians), Solael’s Witchblade (to VM), Kraken, Rhowan’s Crown. Get fillers as needed.

You can start with a few points in Aegis, then 1 point Vire’s Might, max Volcanic Stride (take out the points in Aegis now), max Celestial Presence (without transmuter ofc), max VM and Tectonic Shift. Next get 1 point in buffs to bind devotions and pump Nightblade mastery.

Once you get to lvl 94, simply chug a potion to refund all devotions and take out all points from VM (or just leave 1 for mobility, you can zip-zap across the map so fast with 3 movement skills).

Seriously, full fire VM is amazing and might be a proper build by itself.

Vire is strong, and there is the build by itself already

This build is awesome. Just one small question: can I drop Ring of Steel and pick up one point in Blade Spirit for Tainted Eruption? The fumble from RoS is nice but at 24% chance to apply it feels a little unreliable. Am I missing anything?

RoS is undeniably best for Tainted Eruption. It’s cooldown is identical, and with 51% chance to proc it procs just about every time you cast RoS.

It’s similar to ABB bound to Scorpion.

24% fumble is worth two points. Some experienced players even opt for spending a point for each extra 2% chance. Damage Blade Spirits do with the build’s conversion is not worth one point.

That’s optimization-wise. But if you like Blade Spirits it’s ok to take them, one point is not a huge difference. Personally I don’t like them as they just clutter the screen.

Heh, I’m just a bit too lazy to add the extra button, that’s why. Blade Spirit is an essentially passive proc source.

Ya is right, Tainted Eruption to Ring of Steel is the best and fumble is a too big deal to be ignored