[Feedback] Difficulty buffs made endgame disproportinally hard for melee builds

It’s only tangential to this thread, but I wonder: what would happen if the Vanguard banner was turned from a free damage/OA buff that shaves time across the board to something that grants a mini-Ghoul or Prismatic Diamond-like skill with damage absorption, total speed, and lifesteal (if technically possible at all), one that triggers reasonably early?

Cool, so after you tested that build you leveled a warlord and geared him naturally without using cheats right? Oh you didnt? Ok. Because a lot of these changes that were put in place not only affected end game farming, but it also affected leveling new characters and the difficulty of the story mode. Which now requires even MORE time to accomplish the same things. So given the fact that prior to these changes you thought that game was too hard/too time consuming, its really strange to see your feedback saying you think the changes are ok. We are playing 2 totally different games.

Of course these changes didnt effect you because you use a program to level and gear your characters

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In particular for newer players that do not have +10 chars and all the joozy gear to choose from but instead must build up their wealth.

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Just to know. This is my build from the compendium that achieved SR90 and one of the fastest Ravager’s kill
3k+ armor, 3100 DA, 26% phys res, Ascension, Ghoul, Prismatic Diamond, 32% dodge, million of fumble and 50% chaos overcup.
Is it supposed to be fun and challenging?

And the beloved 169 after the latest patch

Sounds like you’re missing 2k armor and 10% more phys res to have fun.

This is the same build I posted in my Dervish thread (I changed the belt ofcourse)

So you are saying “Crucible seems fine” based on your run with a sword and board Warlord built to facetank Callagadra, really?



Yikes, that hurts. So what you’re supposed to do in these situations as melee? Run for your life?

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Just play warlord :ok_hand:


I highly agree with mad_lee propositions.
It’s fine that warlords can complete cruci just face-rolling on a keyboard but we have a plenty of class combos much weaker - reaper, trickster, elementalist, defiler, witchblade, saboteur etc that also suffer when op-builds are nerfed.
Cruci shouldn’t be buffed anymore.
It shouldn’t have been buffed/nerfed ever because of vids made by god-like pilots on perfectly polished builds. Ordinary players can hardly get close to their results.
It would be fine if it is remembered while talking about changing sth.
And when even dervishes with profile equip and devotions and belgo builds began to break, it’s a rather bad sign of that something has gone out of control.


yeah, still, that seem to be the problem. In other words: Not a shielded warlord.

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Ofcourse i was being sarcastic :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, however i apologize if people were offended.

I did put the build in so people like u could test it on how such a tanky build performs in the crucible.

Crucible shouldn’t be a walk in the park, but also shouldn’t be a real pain for less tanky build.


All right, just made couple of runs again with Belgothian Blademaster. Here is a spec that I used, in-game DA is 2910. Build is a good blend of damage and defenses, it utilizes War Cry that a lot of Belgothian builds don’t use, Serenity relic, Prismatic Diamond, Ghoul and has respectable overcaps (as much as it was possible to get) and cc-res.

Example 1:

Example 2:


Even such powerful builds like Venom or Belgo are the piece of crap now
ahhh, where is my Octavius set, hmmm

Is now a good time to chime in with #nerfinquis since seal is all the more night and day now? :grin:

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To me biggest problem is the burst damage. @mad_lee in first video from Belgo you char die before I can blink. It’s kind of situation where piloting skills doesn’t matter, the game don’t give you fair shot to react. And naturally melee builds are more prone, since you have to take all the hits with your face.

So I join appeal to do something! :pleading_face:


Mindreaper has always been cancer anywhere he appears. The illusion ability that also serve as mini bosses are absurd.

Except if he would have prioritized and killed theodin twice he might not have taken an unsustainable amount of burst on 170. But that exposes you to a bit more risk at 169 and might add a few seconds onto your run (:gasp heresy) :man_shrugging:

I will say valdarans /kaisans lightning strike/doombolt might be a little too strong. Especially since they both basically cast them from off screen as soon as they come into range of your character in crucible

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And about the two venom blade videos post above… literally nothing was changed for the monsters on 169. Also perhaps not standing on benjahr mines and in multiple grava fumble pools? That nice mobility rune was off cooldown.

The old bosses needed to be a threat. You now have take into account that the vanilla bosses can actually hurt you. Before they were laughably weak in crucible, and all of their abilities could be safely ignored outside of the stuns from IM and valdarans.

Or better yet take even more defense oriented devotions routes or gearing options? You won’t be able to pull under 7 min clears any more, but you won’t be dead.

If you really go down the route of nerfing everything to make it safe for melee every melee build, then kiting casters/ dot builds will be immortal. Then their damage will have to be substantially nerfed to compensate. 150-170 should be the challenge section of crucible, 130-150 for farming items efficiently. If nearly every class has multiple builds can make clearing 170 x3 or nearly x4 in a set of buffs with even 70% clear rate… Then it is not hard enough.