A question for Crate, Dev, etc

I am trying to get the first x-pack from gog.com. BIG MISTAKE, take my money and don’t give me the game I purchased. No customer service or any way to contact them, absolutely HORRIBLE.


Since I already have Grim Dawn from them, will I be able to add and play the expansion if I purchase the game from here?


Do I have to buy Grim Dawn from here AND the expansion in order for my to play it?

Are you sure you didn’t get it? It doesn’t appear as a separate game in your list, but under Grim Dawn itself.

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Did you look here to see if anything helped?


Contact form is here


Unfortunately buying direct from Crate’s website is for a Steam key via Humble Bundle and can’t be used with a GOG copy of the game.

GOG also gives 30 day refund if you’re really that dissatisfied with them. I’ve never any issues though.

Your character screen should look like this if Ashes has installed.

Thanks a bunch. I would not have thought to look into the actual game itself to see if the expansion pack was there and ready for download/install. I just installed it now and it shows up on the character screen Ashes of Malmouth.

Still upset that I wasn’t able to contact/communicate w/anyone from GoG. Reminds me of Blizzard and other such companies that hide in the internet, but are unable to be reached for any reason. Yet, there is always a “contact us” option, so ironic.

Again, thank you all. Now I am off to make a Death Knight and see what the new content is all about.

Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

GOG is pretty nice on all ends, I’m glad it worked out.

How did you contact them and how long had you waited for their response before posting a rant here?

The only way to contact them is through gog galaxy via ticket and either twitter or facebook. I created a twitter and facebook today for live chat. Facebook failed to post and twitter was dead silent. All together, a week before I posted my question here.

Of course, I was assisted on the same day. Which, may I add, was very unexpected. Thanks again y’all for the hep. I am enjoying the new (well new for me) Grim Dawn content.