A slight buff to Olexra's Flash Freeze and Blade Trap in upcoming patch?

Just a suggestion to make them viable in highest difficulties…

they are viable in highest difficulties, but only with specific set: Mageslayer for OFF and Rimmertonge for BT. Lots of builds in this forum already use those sets to clear the end-game content (Cru, SR 75 or even higher). If you want to use these skills with any gears, then i dont think “a slight buff” is enough. They need some hugh buff like lower bosses’ CC down to below 100% all the time or higher -CC res from these skills as well. And i dont think its possible.

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It’d be good if they worked with some other gear too… Ah,well.

You also have the luminari set.

You have not even played the game and is already posting ideas and feedback (where this thread belongs to)

They would have to rework the balance of basically everything :smiley:

The skills still works for trash mobs and most hero mobs.

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^ a recent and decent thread to get the gist of it

I concur, maybe I jumped a bit too early with this. But I’ve heard a lot of threads mention it (and blade trap), then I asked myself why nobody does anything about it. Honestly, even if I suggested it, I didn’t wanted to post it in feedback precisely for reasons you stated. Just don’t bite my head for it, ok? :smile:
Actually, one of my 1st masteries would be arcanist so naturally, I needed to know about how far can it go…
So in the end, what is verdict on them? I hear they’re ok, then they do nothing and for icing on cake just bad mouthing on blade trap?
I know I’m annoying as hell, specially for you Ulvar1 but I promise this is last one.

i wasn’t sure how different gd is in this mechanic. If that’s the case, well… I also don’t expect anything.

I played GD for like 500h before I even googled a single thing. Just play and try to have fun. Your first chars will suck anyway so just try to learn stuff and get some experience yourself

Yeah, I couldn’t resist. One thing lead to other. Kinda like porn.

Modding can allow that to some extent, for example @Ceno put together something last year to do that here.

Now that you mentioned it, mod tools are installed in game’s folder, right?

Start here:

Really great this comes with mod tools. Reminds me of Warcraft 3 level editor.

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