A tip for upgrading Shelter to Homestead

I read sometime ago that there was an issue when upgrading your houses to the next level. My problem was that I couldn’t keep consistency with the 2 types of food that was required. Besides that, my grain silos were either empty or full, the baker was cranking out bread like there was no tomorrow, and the miller also ran out of grain to work with. So now two guys are idle and I had to “shut down” the bakery and the mill - the problem here is that now desirability goes down for the upgraded houses, so much, they get abandoned eventually if it does not live up to the requirements. Honestly, I wouldn’t move away from a good place just because my favorite cornbread was running out.

Anyway; when you have say, 5 shelters ready to upgrade, put a couple of them as priority and when they are done, cancel auto-upgrade. This way you can control a bit how many houses get upgraded and you can go on from there, focus on working out a good rotation with the mill, the marketplace and the bakery.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You can just remove all workers from the bakery, as as long as the building is active it will provide the bonus.

However, you also pay running costs for buildings until they get disabled, so for example the healer keeps getting paid even without a worker, but in exchange provides desirability.

Sounds a bit off since to go from a shelter to a homestead you only need 8 houses, 30 people and a market. And no way could you be producing flour from a mill before the TC has gone up to T2. A mill needs heavy tools and you can’t get those until the TC upgrades and you can build a trading post to trade for them. Do you mean from a homestead to a large house?

Awrighto, will look into this. So far it’s been working out the way I’ve done it. Money keeps flowing in and people get food. Of course you can build all the decorations as well to keep the fancy pants happy.

25 shelters into homesteads was the dilemma, what I’m trying to do is slow down the progression to T3 town center so I stay on track what’s happening where :smiley:

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